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2018 NFL Draft: Miami Hurricanes RB Mark Walton Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals

After running for daylight behind the ’Canes offensive line, Mark Walton will now line up behind a revamped Bengals o-line.

The ending of the collegiate chapter of Mark Walton’s story did not go how he or the team wanted. Those lost games did not derail Walton’s NFL dreams, as the running back is now a member of the Cincinnati Bengals after being drafted in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. With a fresh start and plenty of motivation in his pocket, the former ’Walton is poised to be a weapon for the Bengals offensive system.

Improving in each of his three seasons with the Hurricanes, Walton shows he has only scratched the surface of his potential. If you’re a Bengals fan reading this, you just received a bargain. Away from the field, Walton is a father, family man and fantastic teammate. Walton continues to be a great mentor to Miam’s young running backs by providing insight and critiques based on his experience.

Walton now becomes the next in line to continue the great legacy of RBU. Now calling Frank Gore, Lamar Miller, Duke Johnson and Mike James—all his peers at the position in the NFL. Walton will now pair with RB Joe Mixon to form a formidable backfield combo moving forward.

Having worked out for teams before the draft, discarding any concerns over an ankle injury that forced him to miss a majority of the 2017 season, Walton should be completely healthy, and a fresh option in the backfield.

Congratulations Mark!

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