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Miami Hurricanes Football: Analyzing Mark Richt’s New Contract

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It Bodes Well That the University of Miami Cares So Much About its Football Program

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Here is Cam Underwood’s report on CMR signing a contract extension about a week ago.

Given that Coach Mark Richt signed a contract extension through 2022, it is good to note not just what CMR takes home financially, but that his salary is in line with most other big programs. This extension indicates Miami’s continued dedication to football excellence. Miami at one time paid Randy Shannon around 1.5 million per year and Al Golden collected 2.5 million per year. What CMR brings home also indicates Miami’s willingness to keep assistant coaches around, and why so few have left.

Miami as a private university is not required to disclose financial terms. However, we’ve known that CMR originally signed a six year contract in 2015 for an annual salary of 4 million per year. His contract at Georgia was roughly the same. That’s in the top twenty among college football coaches. CMR will still remain one of the top earning coaches in college football. Pending approval, Kirby Smart at Georgia is set to make 7 million per season over 7 seasons. It makes perfect sense why Miami would sign CMR to a contract extension to keep CMR’s salary in line with everyone else’s.

Stability in the football program often leads to better outcomes. When Randy Shannon coached the U, assistant coaches left regularly. Al Golden’s staffs had slightly more longevity. Generally, people leave jobs for higher paying jobs. They’re looking for an upgrade. During the tenures of Golden and Shannon, Miami clearly did not pay their assistants well. We know that because if the head coach is getting paid below market value, their assistants aren’t going to be paid much better. Times are different now. CMR’s 4 million plus a year salary indicates a change in monetary philosophy.

These are a few assistant coaches at the U who survived just two seasons.

Patrick Nix - 2 years

Tim Walton - 1 year

Bill Young - 1 year

John Lovett - 2 years

Mark Whipple - 2 years

Jedd Fisch - 2 years

George Mcdonald - 1 year

It’s really simple. Pay coaches well and they don’t leave. Only Coach Kool has left Miami since CMR became head coach. Not Ron Dugans to FSU, Manny Diaz as a head coach somewhere. Miami has continuity in its coaching staff, which bodes well for the entire football team.