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Miami Alum Soles By Sir Is Cooking Up A Sebastian-Inspired Pair of Custom Kicks

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Imagine the price if these 1-of-1 Kicks were being sold on Ebay.

Wake Forest Demon Decons v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Ever heard of Soles By Sir? It’s ok if you haven’t “heard” of him, but there’s very good chance you’ve “seen” his work before. Unlike several custom sneaker designers that mainly put their work out into social media, Sir’s work can be found on a football field about to be warn by rookies like Redskins running back Derrius Guice, but also already warn by future Hall of Famers like Tom Brady. From Thursday Night Football to the World Baseball Classic, each pair of kicks he’s made for athletes have not only break boundaries for the custom sneaker culture (especially for the NFL), but has in some way been a part of sports history thanks to the breakout performances players like Martellus Bennett has done while in them.

As a former alum of the University of Miami, there’s been countless moments Soles By Sir, real name Marcus Rivero, has presented customized kicks with a Canes colorway for the casual or sports-minded. However, the shoes he’s working on now has more of an old-school design to it’s approach in design. Using a pair of all white Adidas Stan Smith’s as a canvas, Rivero is giving the kicks a retro look with the U’s logo on the left pair with an image of Sebastion the Ibis on the right. He later posted a photo of the custom at an early stage on Instagram.

It’s pretty obvious that the 1 of 1 pair is far from finished, but you can’t say it’s not fire as of now. Rivero has not stated whether the custom pair is actually going to Sebastion the Ibis or any Hurricane fan either. However, as the designer continues the finish the custom kicks, we’ll find out how (and where) this pair will come out.