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The Argument for Malik Rosier

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The Senior QB brings experience, and leadership; but is that enough to retain the starting job?

ACC Football Championship - Clemson v Miami Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Filling the shoes of Brad Kaaya was no easy job, as Kaaya was an exceptionally accurate passer. Despite having that aspect, Kaaya was extremely immobile. When his tenure ended, Canes fans were excited to see a QB that could run the read-option, and scramble out of the pocket when needed. Malik Rosier was an ample replacement when the 2017 season started, as he brought some game experience, and an ability to scamper. A year later, Canes fans are now calling for Malik to be replaced.

The downsides of Rosier’s game are visible, and obvious. Despite this, Richt seems to value experience more than inconsistency. It’s not often that a QB who made multiple clutch plays throughout the year, and led a team to a 10-win season, is at risk of being replaced. That’s where Malik finds himself though; as he, as well as the coaching staff, have heard the fans’ pleas to start N’Kosi Perry or Jarren Williams. When determining the ‘right’ starter for the Canes however, the ‘X’ factor is experience. For as inconsistent as Rosier has been, he delivered in clutch moments that past QBs haven’t.

Kaaya, in his 3 years of leading the Canes, had chances to beat Florida State, but couldn’t come through in the end. Of course, there are other factors that may have sealed his fate (*cough* Al Golden), but Kaaya never had that game-winning drive that could get the Canes over the hump. With Malik leading the charge though, the ‘Cardiac’ Canes miraculously won important Coastal matchups against teams like Georgia Tech. In games similar to those, Rosier made some outstanding throws in crunch time, and no one can deny that.

Making one important throw, isn’t as good as consistently throwing dimes however; and that’s Maliks’ issue. With that said, there is definitely an argument for him retaining the starting job… at least for the LSU game. A nationally televised, ranked match up, isn’t the best time to break in a new QB, and that’s why Malik will be the starter for the first game of the Canes’ 2018-19 season. With that said, if Malik’s inconsistency once again causes us to play down to inferior teams, a Perry or Williams takeover wouldn’t surprise us the least bit.