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How to dress like the Miami Hurricanes football coaches

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Dress like your favorite ‘Canes football coach

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Virginia v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes coaching staff has a very diverse style in their practice wardrobe. Down at the Green Tree practice fields in Coral Gables a coach is going to meet some intense elements. Miami is a paradise on Earth but it’s also filled with afternoon rain storms, humidity, heat, and occasional bug swarms.

Find out how the ‘Canes coaches stay looking ready for practice since the University of Miami has become an Adidas football program.

Mark Richt

Coach Richt has famously donned the Bobby Bowden gardening hat even dating back to his days up in Tallahassee, FL. The ‘Canes staff has worn long sleeves quite a bit and Mark Richt’s look has varied in color over his two years at Miami, but the 1/4 zip pullover has always been at the forefront. Mark Richt is known for sporting black on the sidelines but he’s wearing white at practice.

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Manny Diaz

While Mark Richt sticks to the gardening hat and 14 zip, Manny Diaz’s look seems to vary day-to-day. Above, he’s in a Hurricanes bucket hat and black dry fit shirt.

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Coach Diaz will also sport the batting cage 14 zip jacket and baseball hat with orange shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt underneath as well. To combat the Florida sun the coaches are all sporting shades and hats of some kind.

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Thomas Brown

Coach Brown has been sporting multiple layers at times as well. I like the hat he’s wearing although it’s hard to find the same one online. Above, he’s in what looks like a dry fit hoodie with a dry fit long sleeve shirt underneath.

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Ron Dugans

Coach Dugans is a pretty old school dude and sticks to a green short sleeve 14 zip cage jacket, green shorts, and a green adjustable slouch hat. I couldn’t find the green version of the slouch online, but I did find it in black. It looks like coach is always wearing a pretty fresh hair of Adidas sneakers in ‘Canes colors.

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Stacy Searels

Coach Searles looks like he’s dropped about twenty pounds since coming to Coral Gables. Searles, a true offensive line coach, is in the crewneck sweatshirt an shorts with the slouch hat on. Offensive line guys usually like to keep their look simple and Searles is no different.

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Jon Richt

Jon Richt is another fan of the multi-layered look. The younger of the Richts on Miami’s staff is wearing a long sleeve orange shirt under his black ‘Canes hoodie that he did a few alterations to. I dig the gray sleeveless he was wearing for a while, too.

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Gus Felder

I felt the need to save the best for last, Miami strength coach Gus Felder. Felder sports a weight plate on a chain around his neck and “Big Gus” stands out in a crowd behind Mark Richt on the sidelines during games. Felder, a former Nittany Lion offensive lineman, is hard to miss during TV broadcasts.

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