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Will Lonnie Walker IV Get Drafted By The New York Knicks?

This Former Canes Guard Could Be the Knicks’ Next Star Player If They Pick Him.

Loyola v Miami Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

How would Lonnie Walker look in the Big Apple rocking Blue and Orange? Obviously, this Hurricane hoops Guard isn't taking a trip to Syracuse, but to Madison Square Garden. With only a few weeks before the NBA Draft kicks off, there's a chance that Walker will be wearing those colors as a player with the New York Knicks. According to a post on the Daily Knicks, the NBA organization has been scouting the freshman phenom for about a month. Scouts originally showed up to interview Walker during the 2018 NBA Combine in early May but when executives appeared to view the Canes alumn at Catalyst Pro Day later that month, that's when the rumors began to fly about the Knicks possibly drafting him. Yesterday, ESPN reporter Ian Begley tweeted that the Knicks scheduled an individual workout for Walker this week, making him a standout player in serious consideration for the Knicks' No. 9 pick overall in the draft.

The organization is definitely looking for the perfect guard to fill the position, and with Lonnie Walker's outstanding one-and-done season which includes averaging 11.5 points and 2.6 rebounds per game, he's definitely a prospect that's perfect for the big city. Unfortunately, Walker has had other organizations interested in his talent. For example, as of now, he's worked out for the Chicago Bulls, LA Clippers, and the Charlotte Hornets outside of his workouts with the Knicks.

With the NBA Draft in less than ten days, Lonnie Walker's final destination is still difficult to guess, buts its definitely good to see that the same skills he possessed as a Hurricane will be critical to any team that chooses him for the upcoming season.