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What Kind Of Hurricane Fan are U?

How crazy of a Canes fan are you?

Florida State Seminoles v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Its no secret that the University of Miami draws some of the most rabid fans in college football. Crazy, prideful, cocky, unwavering, loyal, thugs, we’ve been named all of those things.

You’ve grown up with this team. Whether you’re a UM alumni, season ticket holder since the 80’s, was raised in Dade and Broward and they were your team, or you just like the 30 for 30’s. Whatever you are, the U has fans everywhere.

So, what kind of fan are you?

Old Timer:

You remember when this program wasn’t as relevant as high school football in Dade County. The 1983 National Championship game against Nebraska, you could tell us exactly what happened. Why? Because you were there. Bennie Blades is literally the greatest defensive back ever to play at Miami.

You watch every game, and curse underneath your breath when these new guys lose to Pitt. You may show up to a home game a season, but thats just because you’ve been to hundreds of games, and you miss the Orange Bowl. Needless to say, you’ll always love this team.


Your father raised you right, brought you to games in the old OB, and you couldn't understand the debauchery that was going on around you. Your first game you ever watched was the title game against Ohio State. The first jersey your dad ever bought you was probably a Kyle Wright jersey. You absolutely worship Devin Hester and Sean Taylor.

You watch highlights from the 80’s and early 90’s team, but wish you were alive to witness and enjoy those good times. The 30 for 30’s? Seen em hundreds of times, can quote em both. Your Canes memories from your life are Sun Life Stadium, Nevin Shapiro, Al Golden and Jacory Harris.


Oh Miami is playing Georgia Tech today? Ehhhh you guys go to Flanagans without me, I think I'm going to the beach today.

Wait a minute, Miami is playing Notre Dame and they’re undefeated? Let me go and grab that old Hester jersey, I love this team!

You grew up watching this team, but somewhere along 2006 and now, you fell off. You’d rather chase girls then go sit in the hot Orange Bowl with your dad and watch Miami play North Carolina. But, Miami is good again? You’re the first one at the tailgate, and to you, the tailgate is more important than the game. Oh, who’s our quarterback again? Kirby Freeman?

Fair Weather:

You're from Miami, you know football is important. You couldn't name a single player on the Canes, but you see coach Richt sometimes at Los Feugos for dinner during the off-season.

You’ll host a Canes “watch party” if Miami is good and FSU is in town, but you’ll have the food catered and cheer when the Hurricanes throw an interception? Oh wait, we’re the orange team?

You show up when times are great, hide in the dark when they’re not, and generally care about the Canes, but don’t let that out unless it’s the cool thing to do.


This team is your life. The fight song is your ringtone. When Darrell Langham caught the touchdown to beat FSU, that was one of the greatest moments of your life. You can still remember walking out of the OB for the last time after the Virginia game. There’s nothing in your house garnet and gold. Nevin Shapiro is literally Satan incarnate.

You throw up the U in pictures all-over the country, the only part of Le Betard and Stugotz’s show you’ll listen to is the local hour, just so you can hear them talk about the Canes. You want Joe Zagacki to conduct your funeral services.

You will name your first born after Michael Irvin or Ed Reed. Jimmy Johnson is your second dad.

This team means everything to you. You love the U. You bleed orange and green.

So, I'll ask again, what kind of fan are you? Claim your brand of Canes fandom in the comments below!