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Canes Baseball: Gino DiMare Introduced As Head Coach

A New Era Has Begun

A new day has come for the Miami Hurricanes Baseball team after a cringing ending to a beloved era. For a quarter of a decade, Jim Morris is considered a GOAT around campus from creating a legacy as the head coach of the team. His career includes two national championships in 1999 and 2001 as well as a slew of appearances in the College World Series and the NCAA tournament which continued through his tenure. After announcing his retirement in 2014, no one predicted the following years of struggle on the field to follow (we’ll not talk about the Clemson game this year, folks). Unfortunately, the two years of not making the NCAA tournament is the final chapter to almost two decades of what may be considered a dynasty for the university. Even so, such a sad ending also brings the dawn of a new era at the University of Miami.

On Tuesday, the school introduced that Gino DiMare as the new head coach of Canes Baseball. It was a decision Morris made when he first announced his retirement in 2014. DiMare was an associate coach for Morris for almost 20 years, two of said-years included those national championships as well as experience coaching in-depth with hitters and outfielders, according to the post on WPLG’s He was also in charge of recruitment as the team’s recruitment coordinator, and even played for the school from 1989-1992 as an outfielder.

With both professional experience and deep relations with the Hurricanes athletics family, Gino DiMare has what it takes to take the Miami Hurricanes at least to the NCAA tourney, easy. Dimare possesses the experience and connections that could push the team, but he’ll need it. The Hurricanes haven’t made it back to the College World Series since 2016, and they’ll really need the right leadership to make it back.

The road ahead for Canes Baseball may be tough, but Gino DiMare has the experience to make it smooth sailing. We’ll see what he, and his team, can do when the Canes next take the field for fall ball, then for the 2019 season.