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Have We Already Seen the Best of Malik Rosier?

Malik Rosier has become one of the most controversial Miami players in recent years. Can he improve?

Capital One Orange Bowl - Miami v Wisconsin Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The flaws in Malik Rosier’s game have been consistently exposed, rightfully so. However, if Malik is in fact, the Canes’ starting quarterback, then shouldn’t we be talking about his positives? A reasonable argument would showcase the solid throws that he made, whilst mentioning that he lost 3 offensive stars that had assisted him, and all would be true. Mark Richt’s squad suffered some misfortune towards the end of the 2017-18 season, despite having some miracle plays favor them throughout it. Injuries to poignant players highlighted this, but that doesn’t excuse the miscues caused by the quarterback.

As we know by now, Malik Rosier has the capability to throw dimes; what he lacks is the consistency. His stats from the 2017-18 season sum this up well, as Malik broke the record for single-season touchdowns, yet he tossed 14 INTs, and had a sub-60 completion percentage.

If Malik had the consistency, and football IQ of someone even like Brad Kaaya, he could possibly be remembered as one of the most productive quarterbacks in Hurricane history. A stretch that would be for sure, given his current situation; but without the blunders suffered in games such as Pitt last year, one can only dream of how much better Miami’s 2017-18 campaign could’ve ended. Say the Malik from the Notre Dame game last year shows up to the season opener in Arlington? There are many opportunities for Malik to flourish, but he’s made it too difficult to truly believe in his leadership.

Personally, my personal belief is that Malik will show slight improvement, but not enough to be a fully trusted. That just won’t cut it for Miami fans, nor should it for Mark Richt. This team’s potential is through-the-roof, and it can’t afford to be held back by a sub-par quarterback.

If however, Mark Richt sticks to his original decision about Malik, then the only thing to do, is hope that he improves. In a perfect world, Malik begins to make strides in throwing accuracy, Richt’s scheme also improves, and the Cane’s offense figures out ways to prevent the droughts experienced last season. As an optimistic fan, those 3 issues don’t seem impossible to conquer, and there’s a slim chance they can be overcome.