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Frank Gore Looking to Climb the NFL Rushing Yards Mark and Cement is GOAT Legacy

Time to Immortalize Frank Gore by Comparing Him to the All Time Greats

Miami Hurricanes v Virginia Cavaliers Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The most prestigious NFL record for running backs is the all time rushing yardage list, much like career hit is to baseball and accumulated scoring is in basketball. It’s so prestigious that simply making the list shows one’s greatness. Make it to the top 20 of all time rushers and a player is probably in the hall of fame. Top 10 means a player is legendary. Those in the top 5 are once in a generation players, the best of the best.

That’s where Miami Dolphins running back Frank Gore resides.

By week three of the 2018 season, Frank Gore will have passed Curtis Martin for fourth all time in NFL rushing yards. He only needs 76 yards. In short, if this is Gore’s last season, an argument could be made that Gore will be at minimum one of the best running back in NFL history. And if Gore had as many carries as Emmett Smith, close to a 1200 carry difference, Gore could be considered the greatest of all time, if not already.

This is Frank Gore through the years. His high school highlights.

Frank Gore’s Miami highlights.

49ers highlights. Gore is the 49ers’ all time leader in rushing yards.

Colts highlights of Gore.

Who returns for the Miami Dolphins at running back for the 2018 season? Kenyan Drake who’s entering his third season. He was thrust into the starting running back position because the Dolphins traded their incumbent starter Jay Ajayi. Drake is the future for the Dolphins. Expect him to start most games. He should give a lot of third down and goal line carries to Gore. Anticipate Gore achieving 600 or so rushing yards if he can stay healthy. What’s fun to project is if Gore ends up playing into 2019. He’d be on the cusp of besting Barry Sanders for third place all time on the NFL rushing list.

Is Frank Gore the greatest all time? Is he better than Jim Brown or Eric Dickerson? Is Gore as good as a Walter Payton or Barry Sanders? Because Gore’s about to be fourth all time in rushing yards, this debate can be had.


Who’s the Best Running Back in NFL History?

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  • 11%
    Frank Gore
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  • 20%
    Walter Payton
    (89 votes)
  • 9%
    Emmitt Smith
    (41 votes)
  • 18%
    Jim Brown
    (81 votes)
  • 38%
    Barry Sanders
    (165 votes)
  • 0%
    Curtis Martin
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