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Miami Hurricanes Player Profile: LB Shaquille Quarterman

This Canes LB Is A Huge Threat To Miami’s Front Seven

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Once again, the city of Miami has a chance to win a championship with the help of a guy named Shaq. No, we’re not talking about the legendary NBA center that used to play for the Heat for 4 years, we’re talking about the one throwing the U up on Saturdays. The linebacker that rocks number 55 and last name Quarterman on the back of his journey after sacking a QB, we’re talking about that Shaq.

Ever since he became a Hurricane in 2016, Shaquille Quarterman has grown to be one of the best linebackers on their front seven as well as a leader to those young recruits coming to Coral Gables. Originally a four-star recruit out of Orange Park, Florida, this junior LB has managed to build a hefty college resume that may make him a major NFL prospect if he continues next season. In 2017, Quarterman earned Second Team All-ACC after acquiring 83 tackles and a fumble recovery for a touchdown as the team’s middle linebacker. The year before, he was Third Team All-ACC and a Freshman All -American with 84 total tackles and one fumble recovery. He is as consistent as a he is explosive, sometimes making it way easier than it looks in real life. Let’s not also forget that through he hasn’t made any interceptions yet, Shaq can deflect the ball if it’s passed his way.

With at least one more season left before a chance to enter the NFL Draft, there’s a lot that Shaq has to live up to this season. Not only does he have a shot to a national championship with his and other veterans’ experience on defense, but he could also be the next big linebacker to come out of Miami following a long list of superstar linebackers including Ray Lewis, Jonathan Vilma, Jon Beason and Dan Morgan. Sure, the hype is there for Quarterman to make an NFL run following the 2018 season, but those expectations require one (or two) more years of work to solidify his dominance on the field, on campus, and in front of the NFL scouts.