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Top 5 Canes: QBs

Out of all the amazing Canes quarterbacks throughout the years, who stands at the top?

Dorsey passes Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Through the legendary and historic years of University of Miami football, how blessed and fortunate have we been. 5 National championships, two Heisman Trophy winners, dozens of memorable games, and all-time great quarterbacks.

Ranking the the greatest Hurricane quarterbacks of all-time is like picking a favorite child, because so many of them have given us great times, and have been tremendous field generals for the U.

Throughout this list, I won't be putting into recognition NFL or other professional accomplishments. I’ll just be taking into consideration what they did during their time as Hurricanes.

Let the debate begin!


  • Jim Kelly (1979-82) I imagine this will spark a little bit of controversy. I’m a huge fan of Kelly, and he definitely had a lot to do with helping put Miami into a position where they could compete for a National Championship in 1983.
  • Craig Erickson (1987-1990) Its hard to keep Erickson off the top 5 list, especially because he won a National Championship in 1989. Erickson’s greatest moment as a Cane? 3rd-and-43 to Randall Hill against Notre Dame in 1989.
  • Brock Berlin (2003-2004) I don't think Brock gets as much credit as he deserves. I mean, how many starting quarterbacks can say they were Florida State Champs twice (beat UF/FSU in 03 and 04) and also defeated the Seminoles twice in one season in 2003.

And now, the Top 5 Canes QBs:

5. Steve Walsh (1986-1988)

I feel like Walsh sometimes gets forgotten about in the history of the Hurricanes, but make no mistake, number 4 was one of the most successful quarterbacks in school history.

Walsh was 23-1 as a starter in 87 and 88, and only a blown-call against Notre Dame is standing in the way of a perfect record, and potentially back-to-back national championships.

However, Walsh did lead Miami to a perfect 1987 campaign, leading the Canes to their third National Championship. Little known fact as well, Walsh finished fourth in Heisman voting in 1988.

4. Bernie Kosar (1983-1984)

Nowadays its quite common to have freshman come in as a quarterback and have success. However, in 1983, it was unheard of. Kosar stepped in as a first year starter, and led Miami to its most improbable win of all-time, securing the program’s first title over Nebraska.

His 1984 season was also one of the greatest in school history, as he finished fourth in the Heisman race.

3. Vinny Testaverde (1982-1986)

Vinny is an all-time great in Miami history, and honestly just looks a Hurricane quarterback. Though he started just two years at quarterback, Testaverde finished with 6,058 yards passing, 48 touchdowns and 25 interceptions.

Vinny led one of the most talented teams in school history during the 1986 season, finishing 11-1 and becoming the schools first Heisman trophy winner.

However, what most fans remember sadly about Vinny is the 1986 Fiesta Bowl. Playing for the National Championship, Testaverde threw five interceptions, and the whole team struggled, eventually losing to Penn State.

2. Gino Toretta (1989-1992)

Gino “Marino” man, what a legend! This California native had a spectacular career at Miami. Toretta finished his time with the Hurricanes with 7,722 yards passing and 47 touchdowns.

Toretta’s two biggest accomplishments at Miami were capturing the National Championship in 1991, and also taking home the Heisman Trophy in 1992. The stats are great, but whats even better was his 26-1 record as a starter.

1. Ken Dorsey (1999-2002)

Ah, the golden child. I will publicly say that this blog may be the biggest Dorsey fan page on the internet. I just love Dorsey, how could you not? The man went 38-2 as a starter, undefeated against FSU and won a National Championship.

Dorsey reminds me of Troy Aikman. Both were field generals and great at their position, though they never had to have out-of-this-world stats. Dorsey never finished with more than 30 touchdowns in a season, but what he did have, he showed in the biggest moments.

Whether it was the drive to beat FSU in 2000, the drive to beat FSU in 2002, or simply shredding Nebraska in the title game in 2001, I don't think theres a debate for this one, Dorsey stands as king at “Quarterback U.”

Agree with the list? REALLY disagree? Share your thoughts and leave your Top 5 Canes QBs list in the comments below!