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The Promise of Miami’s 9 and 10 Win Seasons Under the Control of Mark Richt

Randy Shannon and Al Golden both posted 9 win seasons… but with Richt calling the shots, Canes fans know that the hype now, is realer than ever.

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In the past decade, Miami Hurricane fans have had to sit through crippling mediocrity and disappointment. Despite Randy Shannon and Al Golden both providing ‘hope’ by putting together 9 win seasons; it would only be followed by a dispiriting season after. Richt on the other hand, has followed his 9 win season up with a 10 win one; restoring the rightful pride, and confidence in the program.

We as fans, knew that Al Golden and James Coley could recruit; but the misuse, and wasted talent that came out of their classes was always agitating. David Njoku, a freak-athlete and playmaker, was first tried at a defensive position, not at tight end. Under Richt’s guidance, there’s a certain promise that he’s telling us, and his players, and so far (knock on wood), he has followed through.

A bowl victory, and a win over Florida State are two major things that Richt has accomplished in his first 2 seasons at the helm. Those reasons are especially why Canes fans can believe in the hype this time around. It’s apparent at Hard Rock Stadium, which has now turned into an intimidating place to play at, and it’s also apparent in recruiting, as the 2018 class brings in 2 (arguably 3) 5-star recruits. As fans, this success and upward progress feels deserved, as we’ve had to sit through embarrassing losses, and shameful performances.

This upcoming season raises questions of course, but there’s no doubt that this program is in a far better place than it was 4 years ago. Despite Richt’s inconsistent play calling, and controversial choice for starting quarterback; we should remain positive, and devoted. There are some glaring issues that need to be fixed before the upcoming season starts, and there are question marks; but we can believe that the program is in good hands. Mark Richt hasn’t won ‘the big game’ yet, and we can only hope that he’ll accomplish that while leading us.