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Mark Richt: “Malik is the Starter”

Just like I expected

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

At ACC Kickoff today, Miami Hurricanes Head Coach Mark Richt told several journalists that “Malik [Rosier] is the starter”.

“Malik is, without a doubt, the No. 1 quarterback going into fall camp and right his minute, I’m not sure anybody’s going to be able to unseat him, at least going into Game One,” Richt said to several journalists as relayed by Christy Chirinos of the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Richt went on to say that he’s approaching things with “an open mind”, but his statements contradict that. Rosier is going to be the starter, and Richt should just embrace that.

When pressed further, Coach Richt did go on to say the following about the topic: “He’s the starter. Malik’s the starter, and if something changes, I’ll let you know. … I don’t anticipate anybody knocking him out of the box right now.”

Translation: Malik Rosier is going to start for the Hurricanes this season.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Canes program recently. I wrote as much in the QB position preview, and said as much in a video podcast this past weekend.

You should watch the whole video, but if you’re looking for the Malik Rosier segment, skip to the 33 minute mark.

While I have been openly critical of Rosier, I have also admitted there are things to like. Rosier did play well in big moments, as noted by CMR, and came through in the clutch several times last season. Those clutch performances might not have been needed had he played well earlier in the game, but there is no debate that Rosier made huge plays throwing and running the ball last season.

Long story short: absent an injury, Malik Rosier is going to be Miami’s QB for the 2018.

Here’s hoping his good play is the consistent thing this year.

Go Canes