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Jarren Williams Is Getting Playtime This Season

The true freshman will be on the field for four games.


Just when you thought the QB position was solidified now that Mark Richt has announced Malik Rosier would still be the starter this season, things are getting more complex since the Canes football team has to start figuring out who will start once the redshirt senior is gone. Rosier and sophomore QB N’Kosi Perry will still compete for the spot, but the more interesting thing to take from Richt’s statement at the ACC Kickoff is that Jarren Williams will also get some playtime in the 2018 season.

According to the Miami Herald, along with announcing Rosier’s security of the starting position, coach Richt also stated that Williams would be getting playtime in four games as well. However, the true freshman will have to make Rosier feel like he’s ready for some action. This decision follows a rule changed by the NCAA that allows players to be active in games during their redshirt year. This allows Williams the opportunity to develop his skills in live games if he is even ready, and gives him a jump start that other players previously didn’t have.

While it seems as if N’Kosi Perry is out of competition for the starting QB job, he’s definitely not. The sophomore will still have a shot at competing in fall camp. So Malik may be the starter against LSU, but that doesn’t promise him the job for the entire 2018 season. Jarren Williams may have some expectations to meet before he gets his four games on the field, but Perry is still trying to get that starter spot.

Watch your back Malik, watch your back.