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Most Underrated Canes For 2018

We know the big time guys, but who don't you know so well, that will have a big 2018?

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Malik Rosier, Ahmmon Richards, Joe Jackson, Jaquan Johnson, yeah we know those guys. We know those guys very well, and are expecting them to have a big impact on this very important season for Miami.

Though, for every great Canes team, there those other guys, the underrated guys who made a big impact.

For Andre Johnson there was also Kevin Beard making big plays. For Sean Taylor there was Maurice Sikes also picking off passes.

Who are those guys in 2018?

Lawrence Cager-Wide Receiver

Cager is someone who will, in my mind, have a big 2018 season. Alongside playmaker Ahmmon Richards, Cager is expected to be that number two guy for Malik Rosier, and he can do it.

Against Wisconsin, Cager showed just how dangerous he can be. Cager pulled in 76 yards and touchdown, and couldve had another score if he wasn’t blatantly held by a Badger defender.

He’ll have to prove he’s healthy this season, but expect big things, because the offense needs more playmakers.

Tyree St. Louis-Offensive Tackle

The offensive line for the Canes will play an enormous role if Miami can make it back to the ACC Championship Game in 2018, and St.Louis is a big part of that o-line.

Starter of 21 straight games, the former right tackle switched to the left side before spring’s end, and will look to improve his run blocking skills. St.Louis gave up only two sacks in 2017, and is arguably Miami’s best pass protector.

Zach McCloud-Linebacker

Apart of the Bermuda Triangle Part 2, McCloud has been overshadowed by fellow backers Shaquille Quarterman and Michael Pinckney, but has the skills to be just as good, and dominant as them.

Finishing just 10th on the team for tackles in 2017, this fall will be a revenge season for McCloud, and will also be learning a position. Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz will have McCloud at Striker, a combination of linebacker and safety, which will utilize McCloud’s run-stopping ability and pass coverage.

If McCloud plays to his ability, the Canes may have the best linebacking front in college football.

DeeJay Dallas-Running Back

Besides the fact that he looks like the Incredible Hulk after an off-season of lifting, Dallas will be big for Miami in 2018.

Dallas has gained 25 pounds this off-season, making him 220 lbs, but don't for one second underestimate this guys speed. He had an amazing spring to some people, and will be the number two guy behind Travis Homer. Dallas brings versatility to Richt’s offense, and can excel out of the Wildcat formation.

If Dallas can play this season like he did against Notre Dame and Wisconsin, watch out. Also, he’s just a sophomore.

Demetrius Jackson-Defensive End

When healthy, Jackson is an All-American caliber player, not joking. This defensive end recorded 3.5 sacks midway through 2017 before being sidelined by a injury.

Demetrius, alongside Joe Jackson will create a hellish front for Miami if both can stay healthy.

Gone is Kendrick Norton and R.J. McIntosh to the NFL, so Jackson’s contribution will be even more crucial and important.