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Hurricanes Alumni Plays Football Against FC Bayern In 5x5 Game

This headline is a double entendre, Jonathan Vilma was a goalie

Volunteers v Hurricanes Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Although German football team FC Bayern arrived in Miami to play Manchester City for the International Cup on Saturday, their OGs played the Miami Hurricanes in American Football. Well, Flag Football and they were alumni of the school. The prestigious championship series hosted their second House of Soccer event at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center Friday afternoon. Day six-hour long event included multiple soccer games with Miami cultural figures and local high school talent, a live DJ, street art, and a performance by 2 Chainz. While the event brought out the cultural essence of Miami to kick off an ICC game weekend, the 5x5 games between FC Legends and Miami Hurricanes Alumni became an odd yet entertaining match to see.

The game would put former Hurricane football and NFL players like Jonathan Vilma and Jon Beason in Goalie and Striker positions against Bayern’s past players. They began playing soccer against the team, but eventually had the opportunity to show their American football skills once they had those flags on.

The 5x5 game was entertaining, and from what though there wasn’t an actual documented score from the odd series, Miami’s official twitter page tweeted a pic of Miami players holding a trophy. So, we’re guessing that they came home with the W.