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2018: The Longest Offseason Ever

Sit tight Canes fans, the season is a month away.

Florida A&M v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Its 2 a.m. and I'm sitting in my house in Hollywood, Florida, and all I can think about is football. Popping in my mind is not how I graduate from college soon, where I'm going to live. Rather, its Malik Rosier and how’s he going to handle the LSU defense.

Crazy I know, but don't act like you’re better than me.

That being said, does the Orange Bowl against Wisconsin seem like an eternity ago? I don't know about you guys, but if I have to watch Trajon Bandy’s pick six against Notre Dame, or Darryl Langham’s game-winning touchdown against FSU one more time I'm going to lose it.

Those will always be memorable plays that we’ll cherish forever, but holy cow, its time for some new football. I truly believe that this has been the longest off-season of my life.

Now, some of this has to do of course with the high expectations that we’ve placed upon Mark Richt and the Hurricanes.

This is probably the most anticipated Canes season that I can think of since perhaps 2010, or maybe last year. Lets hope to the heavens that 2018 is a lot better than 2010.

Oh, you forgot what happened in 2010? Let me remind me. Its part of why I started taking Celexa.

After a promising 2009 season where Randy Shannon led the Canes to a 9-4 record, and returned many starters, and looked to have an incredibly bright future ahead of them.

The result? Destroyed by Ohio State, home loss to FSU (start of 7 years of hell), and also a home loss to USF where Shannon was fired immediately after. All in all, a 7-6 record, and the U continues not to be back.

However, bright things are on the horizon. We can trust Mark Richt. Not that we couldn't trust Shannon or that guy Al Golden, but Richt is really building something here. Hard Rock Stadium is nearly sold out of tickets, excitement is there.

We may have not have Ken Dorsey behind center or Clinton Portis behind him, but we have talent. We have the Turnover Chain, we have an incredible defense, we have young players who are ready to bring The U back!

July is quickly becoming August, ACC media day is passed, lobster mini season started today, which in South Florida means that football is right around the corner. Guys, its almost here.

Before you know it, you’ll be rolling down Dan Marino Boulevard on your way to The Rock. The smell of cigar and cheap vodka will take over your smell senses. Tailgaters as far as the eye can see, green and orange for days, the flags, the band, Hurricane walk, Joe Zagacki’s voice.

So sit tight my faithful Hurricane Army, August is almost here. We can see Dallas in the distance, LSU is right there. So book your flights, get your hotels, we’ll see you in a month.