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Non Revenue Sports Recap: Women’s Rowing

Miami’s youngest sports program is growing along with the NCAA expansion of the sport.

In 2003, Miami started it’s women’s rowing program. filling the roster with experienced rowers and novice athletes alike. Despite relying on numerous athletes who had never participated in the sport prior to joining the program, the Lady Canes have remained competitive year after year. Miami’s rowing program is led by head coach Dave Sanderson, who was hired in 2013, the same year both the NCAA and ACC greatly expanded the number of rowing membership programs. Sanderson’s previous stop was at Barry University, where he led the program to four straight NCAA DII Championships. A graduate of Yale, Sanderson was a member of Team USA’s rowing team in 1997 and 1999.

Senior Rower Taegan Lynch was a member of Miami’s top finishing boat, the 1st Varsity Eight

In 2018, the rowing program competed in regattas in Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey, South Carolina and Florida. Regattas contain races featuring boats carrying 4 or 8 competitors. At the ACC Championships, teams compete in heats for one of 3 coveted spots in the grand final of each event. The remaining boats compete in the petite final for final team scoring. The 1st Miami Varsity Eight boat won the petite final after placing 4th in their opening heat. The 2nd Miami Varsity Four boat also finished first in the petite final after placing 4th in their opening heat. The Lady Canes finished eighth in the ACC team standings, and freshman Kathleen Hanson was named Second Team All-ACC. The Melbourne, Australia native was a member of the 1st Varsity Eight boat.

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