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Don’t Mess With Michael Pinckney’s Car

The person who did this may not want to be around his ride anymore.

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Canes outside linebacker Michael Pinckney already has to deal with a minor ankle tweak early on in fall camp, but the person cutting grass near his car didn’t have to add insult to injury (no puns intended). Friday morning, the Junior posted on his Instagram account about the damages on his Black Lexus. Though they weren’t severe, the plants laying inches away from the whip says nothing but disrespect. A fresh yard...but clearly no love lost.

The lawnmower guy even left before Pinckney could find out who did it. We wish we could show you the vid, but just know that Pinckney responded with anger but an overall hilarious reaction. He was even able to finish his day though there was grass all over the ride. Defensive back Amari Carter threw some shade at the whip, but it was all love.

Definitely check out @56_nightmares on Instagram. The LB has been wearing a boot lately, but Pinckney is expected to play during tonight’s scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium. He’s also out here enjoying his crab legs for the world to see.