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Newfound Depth Helping the Canes Develop in Fall Camp

Depth issues have plagued the Canes in recent years, but this off season, Mark Richt and his staff have solidified numbers in vital areas.

NCAA Football: Russell Athletic Bowl-West Virginia vs Miami Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Scrimmages during fall camp give players a chance to shine in a game-like scenario; they’re crucial for development, and building essential depth. The first scrimmage of fall was successful in both of those according to Mark Richt.

In his post-scrimmage presser, Richt stated that the Canes were able to work the third-stringers as much as the first and second lines. Giving those players the chance to operate as a whole unit is useful for their development, as Richt knows.

Also mentioned were Freshmen who struggled, and who are still early in development. These younger prospects can benefit from the environment that this staff has created. The staff may have had to “babysit” them as Richt stated, but the off season still provides them chances that are key to them becoming starters down the road.

Despite not always knowing what to do on the field, they can make a drastic leap from now, to the second scrimmage, which is what Richt wants from them as well.

With injuries, and unexpected circumstances, some third string players may have to fill big shoes during the season. Building chemistry with other players, and acclimating them in the system will allow them to become solid replacements, and not liabilities if called upon.

Having this ability proves the efficiency that Richt and his staff have in recruiting. As experienced with his predecessor, the recruiting classes would rank well a nationally, as the best players possible were tried for; regardless if they weren’t the best fit for the team. Now, we can witness proficiency with this staff, and hope it turns into more success.