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Gambling Projections Say Miami is Big Time Winner vs LSU

Even bookies in Vegas believe Miami’s bringing a W back to South Florida.

Notre Dame v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With so many preseason accolades Miami has received over the summer, it’s obvious that the Hurricanes football team would have the same kind of anticipation coming from the gambling world in Vegas. However, what’s not expected are the high expectations being made as soon as it’s first game against an SEC-team like LSU.

Recently, sports gambling source Covers brought together executives John Murray, Nick Bogdonavich, and Chris Andrews formed a roundtable discussing gambling rates and odds for upcoming college football games this Fall.

The Miami vs LSU game was not only projected as one of the most heavily bet games of that opening weekend, but a lot of people are betting on Miami according to the piece. Originally, Miami was the favored winners in early projections, with a decent 2017 season and a solid number of talent returning this season being huge boosts to their winning odds. The Hurricanes had a -2.5 point lead against LSU when the early bets were being made, now it received a wider spread with -3.0.

With even a wider spread than the original lead before, Miami is projected in Vegas to put a whooping on LSU in the season opener September 2nd. However, an upset from the Tigers would mean a bigger purse for the people bold enough to bet on them. Even one of the bookkeepers didn’t believe they had a shot.

“We’re gonna need LSU, but unfortunately, we don’t think much of LSU this year.”