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2018 Canes Football Preview: Virginia Tech

The Canes Dominated the Hokies in 2017, but can they do it again?

Virginia Tech v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Miami has a very good chance to make a run to win a national championship, but no one said it’ll be easy. Virginia Tech may be one of those reasons why. Ever since they had one little ol’ upset in 1995 against The U, these brown birds have managed to be a thorn in the Canes’ side for the decades to follow. Though they were able to pull a win last year by 18 points in style with the Turnover Chain, the Canes have a challenge ahead of them if they want to beat the Hokies. However, nothing is better than seeing the rivalry return with a fury now that a spot in the College Playoff is on the line.

With a ton of talented freshman will be on the field this year with the OG’s that were apart of the 2017 season, the Hokies have to really make the right adjustments to take on Miami’s offense. On the offensive side, defenders have to deal with Malik Rosier, Ahmmon Richards, Lawrence Cager, Travis Homer and Darrell Langham. This doesn’t even include the fact that Brian Hightower is going to get some play this season and by the time the Hurricanes actually do step on the field in November, either Brevin Jordan or Will Malory will be a grown man at tight end due to the shear fact that Michael Irvin II is out. Rosier struggled against VTech’s defense during the game with three interceptions, but he still managed to score thanks to Braxton Berrios and Chris Herndon.

Defense is only worst for VT. Jaquan Jackson, Shaquille Quarterman, and Michael Pinckney return this season and the Hokies aren’t ready for players like Pat Bethel and Gerald Willis III up front in the trenches. Along with reps that some younger players would be earning in Blacksburg, there’s a very good reason why Miami’s D would be a threat in Blacksburg. Last year, the Hokies gave 74 tackles along with two interceptions and two fumbles to the Hurricanes, and that Turnover Chain was shining all night on the all black sideline.

Although Virginia Tech’s bout against Miami will be tough, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be obliterated. We’d hope so though. Josh Jackson will return as the starting quarteback this season, and Rosier will have to step up now that the Hokies defense caught him slipping in those final three games after playing them. There’s also been news that VT’s defensive backs would be a problem, but only the season will show us that.

One of the most important things to note is that this school has built a rivalry off of upsetting Miami. In previous decades, they used to be pummeled by the Hurricanes, but the 90’s and 2000’s would see an emergence in their program as the two teams’ hate for each other continued to grow. Not only did they end their 39 game win streak in 2003, but they obliterated the Hurricanes when the ACC had its inaugural football championship a year later. They have the talent and coaching staff to cause an upset. However, with that being said, it doesn’t match what Miami has had in the past few years under Mark Richt. With this being said, the Miami/VT match up could be a close battle that goes the distance if Malik Rosier or any other QB has some trouble in the backfield. However, good luck with that defense, Hokies nation.