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Canes Football Takes the Field

UM opened the field portion nearly-completed Soffer Indoor Practice Facility to the players, just in time for the most crucial reps of the summer

The Canes ran drills inside their Indoor Practice Facility for the first time yesterday.

On Thursday evening, Miami AD Blake James sent out this semi-cryptic tweet:

Maybe you guys aren’t as oblivious as I am, but I literally thought to myself “What could he be talking about?” On Friday morning, my question had been answered.

On Friday, August 17th, 2018, Miami finally caught up with the rest of D1 college football by opening their indoor practice facility. As you probably did at home, the Canes danced.

This was not the official opening, as much of the facility has yet to be completed, such as the coaches offices, but the 90-yard main field is done, which is why the the team celebrated by moving this morning’s practice inside.

Head Coach Mark Richt, who donated $1 Million of his own money to the project, has been anxiously waiting for this moment due to the logistics of Miami weather, which they dealt with earlier this summer.

The facility is named after longtime-donor Carol Soffer, and the team made sure to include her in Friday’s festivities.

Friday was a great day for the program, but with a top-10 preseason ranking and sky-high expectations, we will all be hoping for even bigger moments from the Canes this season.