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Player Profile: Jarren Williams. The Miami Hurricanes potential quarterback of the future

The Georgia-based QB has as much talent as any quarterback on the roster. Is it possible we see Williams under center before N’Kosi Perry?


Jarren Williams is a quarterback from Lawrenceville, Georgia that was once deemed “a program changer.” However, the program he was set to be changing was not the Miami Hurricanes. The Kentucky Wildcats held his commitment from June 2016 before decommitting and recommitting on May 15, 2017. For a long, long time the Wildcats believed that they went into the Metro Atlanta area and stole one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Central Gwinnett head coach Todd Wofford went on record with Courier Journal writer Fletcher Page and compared Williams to many Kentucky quarterbacks, including former No.1 overall pick Tim Couch.

Williams is a smart kid. Wofford ran an up-tempo offense and wanted the ball to be snapped quickly. Due to that, Williams did not wear a wristband with the plays on it. Williams was relayed the play from the sideline, then had to change the protection of the offensive line based on the play that was called and had to know what the running backs and all of the receivers were doing – all in about 15 seconds. Every play. He was given responsibilities that many high school quarterbacks do not have the mental capacity to handle.


It was due to his intellect and pure talent that Mark Richt and the Hurricanes came calling. The Hurricanes rolled out the red-carpet for the dual-threat quarterback during Notre Dame weekend and the universities appearance on ESPN’s College Gameday. The successful courtship of Williams in Coral Gables showed him enough and he was committed to the Hurricanes less than a month later. He enrolled in classes soon after in time for the spring semester for the opportunity to get a step ahead and participate in spring practices.

Today, Williams is competing every day to prove to the Hurricanes staff that he is the quarterback of the future for this team. With the new redshirt rule stating that a player can play in up to four games and still keep that year, it would not be shocking to see Williams take snaps on a couple of different occasions.


Williams will have a chance to claim the starting job in 2019 when he and N’Kosi Perry battle for the reigns of the coveted quarterback position for a Miami program with national championship aspirations. The 6’2 210 lb. quarterback completed 61% of his passes for over 3,000 yards with 28 touchdowns to just four interceptions as a high school senior. He also ran the ball for 554 yards and scored 10 touchdowns on the ground.

As a testament to the man he is off the field, Wofford said of Williams to the Courier Journal, “You have a kid that you can give the keys to your house and tell him to run and get something or babysit your kids. Jarren is one of those kids you can trust to do that stuff.”