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Sebastian the Ibis Gets The Marvel Treatment

The Canes’ beloved mascot was drawn as a super hero in preparation of Miami‘s season opener vs LSU.

Wake Forest v Miami Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

With the college football season only a few weeks away, its very common that there would be a lot of hype surrounding the first big games of the season. However, Miami’s emergence as a program in recent years has once again pushed the team in the national spotlight in sports and culture.

Ever since the start of the College Football Playoff, ESPN and Marvel has managed to intrigue football and comic book fans with their unique renditions of covers yet with BCS mascots instead of their originally drawn heroes. In the cover drawn for Miami’s season opener against LSU, Sebastian the Ibis and Mike the Tiger are duking it out in a remix of the 1976 No. 29 issue of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. Multiple elements of the remake and its core characters are inspired by the traditions of each school as well as their football team’s traits. For example, according to the video premiering the collaboration’s “cover” art, Sebastian’s defensive state in the image represents Miami’s defense and their beloved item, the Turnover Chain.

Miami’s cover was only one of the four covers remade by Marvel for the start of the 2018 including Alabama vs. Louisville, Oregon State vs Ohio State, and Auburn vs Washington.

The Hurricanes will be facing off against LSU September 2nd at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Check out the original cover here and leave a comment below.