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What Miami’s New Practice Facility Symbolizes About the Program

The Carol Soffer Football Indoor Practice Facility, which the Canes recently practiced in for the first time, is a symbol of where this program was, and where it is now.

NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as Mark Richt arrived in Coral Gables, he wanted an indoor practice facility. Now, that wish has been fulfilled, and there’s a buzz surrounding the Canes’ practices.

Not only is the facility a major benefit in recruiting, or for practice in general, but it shows the investment that is in Canes football.

4 years ago, it seemed that Blake James was complacent with the average results that Al Golden was posting, and mediocrity seemed acceptable.

In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, James stated that: “This is phase one. We need to keep pushing… We need everyone who bleeds orange and green to step up and continue to invest in this program. We all want to see us win ACC and national championships. This was a piece in the puzzle to help us get there.”

James’ statement doesn’t sound like an advertisement, it sounds genuine; and the success of the Richt and his staff are accountable for it.

Hiring Mark Richt may have been step one in returning to greatness, but the indoor practice facility proves the University’s commitment to Richt, and the trust they have in his direction.

Spending more on salaries to make sure we get the best coaches available is the opposite of what happened when Al Golden was hired. Now, the Canes have flipped the script, and the proof is on the field. With the most success in more than a decade, there’s no reason for fans and players to think that the sky isn’t the limit.

There’s a reason why a facility like this wasn’t created during the Shannon/Golden years. The scandal of course hindered the direction and attitudes, but the expectations weren’t the same. Instead of firing Al Golden following a 6-7 season in 2014, they kept him, because mediocrity was acceptable.

Now, with belief and confidence in Richt, Miami can boast a practice facility that’s competitive nationwide. The expectation is in line with the state of the program, which is now a force ready to compete at a high level.