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Miami Hurricanes Opponent Q&A: LSU Tigers Preview with And The Valley Shook

Time to talk about the opposition for the season opener with our SB Nation friends from the Bayou

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Louisiana State
LSU CB Andraez “Greedy” Williams will look to shut down Miami WR Ahmmon Richards on Sunday.
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The 2018 season is upon us so we’re back in action with our first opponent Q&A of the year!

Joining us for this week to talk about the AdvoCare Classic season opener and the LSU Tigers is Billy Gomilla, Managing Editor of our SB Nation sister-site And The Valley Shook.

I returned the favor and answered questions for Billy and ATVS, and you can find that link below:

And now, let’s hop into the questions and see what Billy has to say about the Bayou Bengals.

Cam Underwood (SOTU): So, last time we talked, LSU had 4 guys competing to start at QB. And, as I recall, you were all-in on Myles Brennan winning the job. Since then, LSU lost 2 QBs to transfer and haven’t named a starter yet. Who do YOU think will be QB1 when Miami and LSU face off?

Billy Gomilla (ATVS): Well, they added one in Joe Burrow, and he didn’t come in to be the backup. I think it’s a safe bet for him to get the start, with Brennan to back up. Honestly, I don’t know that the loss of the other two means much for this year. Lowell Narcisse was going to have a package of plays to work through while he comes back from a series of injuries, but Justin McMillan wasn’t going to play unless there was an emergency (no matter what anybody else tells you).

SOTU: How are you feeling about the offense overall after a summer and fall camp of installation?

ATVS: I’m still wait-and-see, but I think it will at least be able to handle teams that LSU can out-talent. Steve Ensminger is a pretty good play caller, that much I know. What remains to be seen is how he’s worked with the quarterbacks on hand.

SOTU: How are you feeling about the RB group now that the season is here?

ATVS: Well, they’re still a question mark, but I think so long as the offensive line holds up their end, this unit will be fine. Again, no Guice or Leonard Fournette, but it’s not like this is a bunch of stiffs. Watch out for freshman Chris Curry as well.

SOTU: LSU’s defense got a boost recently when former 5-star CB recruit Kristian Fulton had his 2 year suspension lowered to 1 year (already completed) and was reinstated by the NCAA. What role could he play for LSU in the opener and through this season?

ATVS: I expect him to start opposite Greedy Williams. LSU’s defense was going to be really good anyway -- this is the first unit that Dave Aranda has truly built himself in his time here, but having Fulton back (and many believe he’s actually better than Williams, although I’m skeptical without seeing it in games) really solidifies the secondary.

SOTU: How is Grant Delpit’s recovery from that spring shoulder injury going?

ATVS: Was only ever a broken collarbone, so he’s been working at full speed since July.

SOTU: Who are 2 freshmen who might impact the game for LSU?

ATVS: Five-star freshman Ja’Marr Chase will be in the starting lineup at wide receiver, and at 6-1, 205 he’s already built to bump with college-aged kids. And defensive back Kelvin Joseph will be on the field early and often as well. He was close to cracking the starting lineup opposite of Williams when Fulton was out, but having him back means Joseph can play more of a nickel/safety role, which is a better fit for him.

SOTU: How do you see the game playing out?

I’ve liked this matchup for LSU due to Miami’s rebuilding offensive and defensive lines. Losing starting guard Ed Ingram throws that off a little bit, and that will be the game, in my opinion. The team that can establish the run and avoid third-and-long situations will have a major advantage. I still think Miami will have a really hard time moving the ball on the Tiger defense, so I think this will come down to which offense makes the first big mistake.

That’s a pre-game look at the LSU Tigers. Thanks to Billy Gomila for joining us and sharing his insights with us today. Be sure you check out his work, and much more, over at And The Valley Shook.

We’ll have plenty more on YOUR MIAMI HURRICANES in the coming days and weeks.

Go Canes