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Miami Hurricanes Depth Chart for season opener released

Miami’s 2 deep is set for the opener against LSU. AND WE HAVE THOUGHTS!!!!

Miami v Duke
He’s back!
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

On Tuesday afternoon, the Miami Hurricanes released the depth chart for the season opener against the LSU Tigers. Without further ado, here it is, in a couple beautiful Mike Meredith graphics:


State of the U illustration by Mike Meredith


State of the U illustration by Mike Meredith

Special Teams

State of the U illustration by Mike Meredith

Now that there’s a depth chart, I have thoughts. And they are:

  1. Rosier is the QB. All year. Period. Go out there and prove me wrong, 12!
  2. Listing Perry and Weldon as OR options at QB2 keeps them engaged. Which you’ll need for the future.
  3. Brevin Jordan’s Freshman All-American season starts now. TE1 is in line for a big year.
  4. Same OL as we’ve seen since after the 1st scrimmage of spring. Hopefully they play well and stay together all season.
  5. Trayone Gray RB3 is nice, but I’m not sure how long that’s going to last.
  6. No Lingard on the depth chart now, but that’s okay. He’ll earn his way into a role this year.
  7. Some other freshmen left off 2-deep as well. Gotta earn that PT.
  8. How long until DJ Scaife takes someone’s job on the OL?
  9. Interested to see what the snap distribution between McCloud’s LB position and the STRIKER position will be.
  10. Bandy said he wanted to play CB, not just Nickel. You got your wish, fam. Time to show out.
  11. Robert Knowles over Gurvan Hall at S is puzzling to me.
  12. Baxa and Feagles gotta step up.
  13. Homer as KR2 is interesting. He runs hard, but I would prefer our starting RB not be on KR. There are other options on the roster for that spot.
  14. Jeff Thomas takes over for Braxton Berrios as PR. I know Berrios took more fair catches than we would like, but he was steady, and Thomas has big shoes to fill.

In any event, that’s the way Miami will line it up against LSU on Sunday night. I shared my thoughts. Hop in the comments and share yours.

Go Canes