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Ex-Canes LB Denzel Perryman is Laying Out NFL Receivers in Practice

Look’s like this ex-Hurricane’s ready for the season

San Diego Chargers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

While the Miami Hurricanes are prepping up for another highly anticipated season, it seems like ex-Canes linebacker Denzel Perryman is doing the same but in the NFL. Nothing says this more than a recent video of him completely obliterating Michael Williams in practice. On Perryman’s Instagram account, the LA Charger posted a video of him stopping the receiver in his tracks during a scrimmage play.


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The tackle seemed to be legal since Denzel had his hands up for a while and yet there were still no flags on the play, but we definitely hope Williams was okay from that. It also needs to be noted that this hit was ironically played by Lauryn Hill’s classic hit Doo Wop (That Thing) at a time in football where hits like this are a concern.

When this 2x All-ACC First Team linebacker played during the Al-Golden era, he would supply some of the most devastating hits in the holes while also being mobile with solid speed. With over 351 tackles, 6 forced fumbles, and two interceptions (one for a touchdown) to end his college season at the U, Denzel has managed to transition into professional play pretty well as a linebacker for the Los Angeles Chargers. He currently has 145 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and one interception, but still has explosiveness on the field and tackles that would make Ray Lewis blush.

Expect more highlights like this to happen during actual games, but how he gonna win if he ain’t right within? Practice like this is needed to hone his craft.