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The Sky’s the Limit if Richards Can Remain Healthy

The superb wide-out returns to fall camp healthy, and hungry to take a big step forward in his career.

NCAA Football: Russell Athletic Bowl-West Virginia vs Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Ahmmon Richards’ health was in question from the very beginning. A hamstring injury occurred, then an ankle injury, followed by a knee injury after; all of which kept him from playing consistently. Now, as a Junior, he looks to build off of the frustration that was experienced a season before.

Seeing Richards’ practice without a knee brace was an encouraging sight for fans on Saturday. The comfort that Richards has with his health will expedite his journey to become fit for the season opener.

There’s quite a bit of gravity on his full recovery however, as the Canes’ offense will need every playmaker they have to out-play LSU’s defense.

The Canes’ receiver corp still isn’t lacking in talent without Richards, but the timing that the third year veteran has with the quarterbacks is something that can’t simply be taught.

Malik Rosier’s inconsistency doesn’t help the situation, but having the chemistry to know where his receivers will be makes a huge difference. Richards knows the significance of this, and has the benefit of experiencing a season with him - although it was limited.

Chemistry, along with his playmaking ability, is why Richards’ health is so essential to the Canes’ offense. Richards also knows some of Rosier’s tendencies, which could end up being the difference between an interception, or a completed pass.

If Ahmmon can hold a clean bill of health this season, the sky’s the limit for what he can do. As we all know, his Freshman year was impressive on a national scale, while his Sophomore campaign was difficult. We can only hope that he’s able to match his Freshman numbers - and then some. If Ahmmon can accomplish that, the Canes’ offense will run smoother than the previous season because of it.