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What I’m Listening To This Weekend: A Canes Football Music Guide

Here’s a solid playlist to get you amped up for the start of the Canes’ season

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami
Hopefully this playlist gets you prepared to simulate the energy of last season’s Notre Dame game either at AT&T Stadium, your local sports bar, or in your living room
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

During my time as a UM student, Canes football games were some of my most memorable moments. Despite being in the middle of a long stretch of mediocrity in the program, there was always a unique engaging atmosphere at Hard Rock Stadium (or Sun Life Stadium, or Landshark Stadium, as it was called during my time in school). Many have complained about the lack of a real college football stadium, or a lack of tradition akin to the other “blue blood” programs in the country, but I always enjoyed the fact that the Miami atmosphere could not be recreated anywhere else. A big part of that was the culture of South Florida mixed with the history of the program. The Canes were always known for their swag, and for doing things their own way, no matter what the rest of the country thought.

As a Philadelphia-area native who now lives in Dallas, you could understand how I’ve felt removed from that atmosphere. I haven’t been able to attend a Canes football game since my college days, and while I’ve kept up with the team by watching all the games and reading articles and blogs, it’s hard to replicate that unique Miami experience. One part of that atmosphere that I’m able to take in no matter where I live, however, is the music. Last year, when we received a whole Saturday of national Canes exposure with College Gameday on campus in the morning, and the dismantling of Notre Dame in the evening, I embraced the day by gathering my kids around the television for Gameday, a screening of The U 30 for 30 parts 1 and 2, and a listening session of many of the songs I’ll list below before capping off the day with the primetime game. My kids were only 15 months and 1 month old at the time, but my hope is all of the images and sounds will be ingrained in their brains as they continue watching the Canes. Now without further ado, here is my Canes Football Music Guide.

Take It To Da House (Trick Daddy feat. Trina)

The Miami artists and multiple 305 references tie this song to the area, and in my personal experience it could always be heard at tailgates before Canes games. Great for just setting the tone for a good day out at the game, or to get everyone dancing at your watch party with its KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes” sample.

In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)

The calm before the storm. Canes fans may recognize this song being played during the team’s warmup out on the field, and its slow-moving and soothing tones in the first 3 quarters of the song work to calm the nerves of players, coaches and fans alike before bringing the energy back with the iconic drum solo that has everyone in the stadium (opposing fans included) going HAM on their individual air drum kits.

Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)

Another classic rock warm up song that seems perfect for any football atmosphere. My only connection to most classic rock is through Miami football games, and this song is definitely one of the big hits of that era, but all I can think about when I hear it is the anticipation of the Canes taking the field (which we’ll address more in the next song)

Enter Sandman (Metallica)

I know that this is the song that Virginia Tech runs out of their tunnel to at Lane Stadium. But let’s be real for a minute, the Hokies could never put a monopoly on this song. In fact, they started using it after Mariano Rivera used it for his run out music as a closer for the Yankees. With that being said, another great classic rock song that will get everyone ready for some hard-hitting football.

Danza Kuduro (Don Omar feat. Lucenzo)

This song may be better in a party setting, but is definitely a big hitter in setting that Miami atmosphere no matter where you are. There’s a remix with Pitbull if you need some English thrown in, but that is probably unnecessary as this may be the most catchy spanish song before Despacito. Everyone in your watch party will make an ill-advised attempt at salsa, bachata or merengue as soon as the chorus starts this jam.

Orange On One Side Green On The Other Side (G-Spot, S. Nim, Mike B, J Dub, Ryan B)

This remake of “Ice Cream Paint Job” made specifically for the Canes Football program in 2009 caught a decent following in the Canes community, and is worth a spin at your Canes party or tailgate.

Turnover Chain (Solo D)

The Turnover Chain was such a phenomenon that it needed a song. Solo D answered the call and made a quality product that was even used during ESPN broadcasts. Keep the allure of the best piece of jewelry in college football alive with this modern Canes anthem.

It’s definitely likely that there’s more songs out there that belong on this list, so give your favorite Miami football songs in the comments!