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Miami Hurricanes vs FIU Panthers game time announced

Prepare for arguably the best tailgate of the year!

Savannah State v Miami

On Monday afternoon, the ACC announced kickoff times for games on the September 22nd weekend. That means there’s a kickoff time for Miami-FIU.

And, my friends, that kickoff time is 3:30pm.

TV for Miami-FIU will be determined after this week’s games. The game will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU.

Also in today’s kickoff announcements made by the ACC, Georgia Tech at Miami has been placed on a 6 day hold. Meaning, that game (and FSU-Duke) will receive kickoff times later on this year.

However, there are some items known for Miami-GT later this year. The game will either be at 12:00 noon or 3:30pm eastern, with TV coverage on ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2.

So, Miami-FIU at 3:30pm in 2 weeks, and info for Miami @ GT coming later this year.

Happy tailgating!

Go Canes