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Canes Moving Forward To Toledo

After completely obliterating Savannah State Saturday Night, the Canes continue to rebuild momentum.

Savannah State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

There’s nothing like a good blowout to give you a clean fresh start. After the Hurricanes destroyed Savannah State 77-0 on Saturday night

Greg Rousseau is Out

Just when you begin to have confidence in what the Hurricanes could do this season, they get yet another major injury that will their depth in the coming match ups. According to the Miami Herald, defensive end Greg Rousseau will be out for the season due to ankle injury. This is yet another loss to Miami’s already small number of lineman in this position. Gerald Willis III and Pat Bethel are still the confirmed starters for the position, but if those guys go down, we may have a problem up front.

Miami’s Young QB’s Look Dangerous

With all four quarterbacks getting some sort of reps against Savannah State’s defense, it seems that the future of Miami’s offense could be very young yet lethal if developed properly. Malik Rosier will still be the starter for Saturday’s game against Toledo, but what we were able to see seemed very promising. N’kosi Perry earned 93 yards and 3 TDs, while Cade Weldon and Jarren Williams earned decent yardage in their college debuts.

Special Teams Actually Looked Good

One unique characteristic about talent from Miami is that while there may be talented players on either offense of defense, you could never undermine special teams. Savannah State weren’t able to establish any kind of flow on both sides after the first few minutes of the game, but the Hurricanes had several shining moments. Miami forced four turnovers on special teams, one for a touchdown. It was also decent night for Kicker Bubba Baxa as well.

Miami vs FIU - College Football’s Malice In the Palace

For the first time in 11 years, Miami and Florida International University will face each other on the gridiron. The game opens a new chapter to a story that made several headlines following a brawl that could arguably considered as college football’s “Malice In The Palace.” Originally intended to be a recurring series against the two local schools in the the city of Miami, trash talk and constant shuffles between the two teams would end a third quarter in violence and unorganized chaos. The brawl was a crucial hit to both schools with 8 players ejected from Miami, 31 players from Miami and FIU being suspended, and Larry Coker eventually getting fired at the end of the 2006 season. The game’s scheduled time was announce for the