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Week 3 Lines and Picks

After a bleh Week 2, Craig Smith looks to turn things around in Week 3.

Savannah State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Week Three Lines and Predictions

(FULL DISCLAIMER. This article is simply for fun. Chide me, praise me, do whatever. Just know that I’m here to give my two cents and offer a perspective on a game or games that maybe you’re on the fence about. Giving you something to consider that may help you go one way or another. Not forcing you to fork over your money to a sports book. But, of course, if you win, break me off 5%. All lines courtesy of

Last week: 4-5 single games; 0-1 parlays; 1-0 teasers

Overall single games: 13-7

Lockity Lock Hits: 2-0

Overall parlays: 1-1

Overall teasers: 1-1

Well………that sucked. South Carolina proved a home dog doesn’t matter against superior talent, and UGA flexed its muscles in a big way. A late and meaningless UCLA TD backdoor covered for the Bruins, although my teaser still survived. Hawaii blew a winning record and my parlay by wilting defensively to the power that is Rice football. Because, of course.

Anyways, on with this week’s picks…..

Lockity Lock of the Week:

ALABAMA (-21.5) at Ole Miss

S. Illinois abused the Rebels’ defense last week, even though its own defense got pantsed in the worst way possible. That being said, this Alabama team is so far beyond scary good, I can’t imagine them getting pushed by many teams right now. Ole Miss isn’t one of them.

Other lines I like:

BOSTON COLLEGE (-5.5) at Wake Forest

Think I’m on the AJ Dillon bandwagon this year.

SOUTHERN CAL (+3.5) at Texas

What an absolute pillow fight between two marquee programs. This could be a 10-7 stinker, so I’ll take the team getting points.

FLORIDA STATE (-2.5) at Syracuse

I refuse to believe FSU is Samford-bad. They simply have far too much talent, which will show up in the Carrier Dome on Saturday. Cam Akers is the X-factor.

MIAMI (-10.5) at Toledo

Too much talent, part deux. Canes playmakers will do enough to overcome their shortcomings at QB. Comfy cover.

Georgia Southern a CLEMSON (-33)

Not enough points here for GSU. A little surprised it isn’t far on the other side of 35.

UMass at FIU (-4)

The fighting Butch Davises warm up for the Canes by beating a truly putrid opponent.

Utep at TENNESSEE (-30.5)

Tennessee showed me they have enough talent to clobber a horrible team, which was far from a given after last year’s train wreck. ETSU might be the worst team in the country at any division 1 level, but UTEP isn’t a world beater either.

Teaser of the Week (6-point shift)

PENN STATE (-29) and IOWA STATE (+23.5)

Welcome to the 2018 season, Penn State. They should obliterate Kent State. Iowa State – who beat OU last year as everyone knows – plus 23.5 at home……I think Matt Campbell can find a way to cover that number.

Parlay of the week

BC (-5.5) at Wake; ALABAMA (-21.5) at Ole Miss; FSU (-2.5) at Syracuse

Let’s see if we can make it 2 out of 3 weeks (thanks, Hawaii).

Underdog pick of the week

TENNESSEE TECH (+45) at Utah State

Plus 45?!?!?! I know Utah State hung with Sparty, but that’s an avalanche of points. I’ll take the Tenn Techsters plus said avalanche.

So, let’s hear it, Canes fam. Tell me why I’m wrong, and what YOU think is going to happen.