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Malik Rosier Must be Held Accountable in Order to Win

Rosier has been under incredible scrutiny, and blamed for multiple ‘Canes losses; yet the only one who doesn’t seem to hold him accountable, is his coach.

LSU v Miami Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Through the Canes’ win streak a season ago, Malik Rosier was inconsistent and inaccurate, but it was only tolerable because we were winning. Unfortunately, Miami ended the 2017 campaign with 3 straight losses, with a lot of blame falling upon Rosier’s shoulders. Now, with the Canes’ loss streak finally broken, has anything changed? The answer is yes… although it may not be for the reasons you’d hoped for.

Throughout the off season, we heard all about Malik’s improvements - but talk is cheap. In the season opener, we saw a regression of Malik’s ‘skill’ if anything. In fact, his accuracy and productivity may have reached an all time low through 2 games in the 2018 season. So low, that he ranks 165th amongst FBS quarterbacks in terms of being ‘on target.’

So, where do we go from here? N’Kosi Perry threw an interception against Savannah State, which Cade Weldon (almost) did as well; which doesn’t bode well for a player attempting to overtake a starter. But when is enough… enough?

Rosier has began to hold his teammates accountable, and expects everyone around him to get better - yet his own issues remain the same. That itself wouldn’t be a crisis if Malik was throwing the ball like Tom Brady, but as we know, the results are lightyear away. If Malik’s proven anything to us, it’s that nothing’s changed since the 3 game losing skid in 2017.

How is Richt’s loyalty to Malik sending a good message to the rest of the team? It’s rumored that Ahmmon Richards has been vocal in terms of criticizing Malik, but it doesn’t seem like Richt cares. If there’s a problem, solutions should be explored. Period.

Malik hears the noise from the crowd as well, which he proved to us by sinking as low as to respond to angry fans on Twitter.

When former ‘Cane Dionte Mullins vented about the team on Twitter, he was dismissed. A decision that shocked us, yet assured us of Richt’s team-oriented mindset. So, why is it okay for Malik to take shots at fans? The issues with Malik have continued past football, and it’s beginning to cause doubt surrounding Richt’s control.

Despite the arguments, and proof that Malik is one of least accurate quarterbacks in all of college football, he remains the starter, and will continue to be. As fans, glaring issues will never go unnoticed, or silenced; which is why Malik’s disregard is so concerning. Ignoring the concern though, we can only hope that he improves, as it would most likely lead to more wins - and winning is what we should all want.