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Film Review: Miami 49 - Toledo 24

‘Canes come out with a win against feisty Rockets

Toledo v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Malik Rosier threw two touchdowns and ran for three more as Miami handled Toledo in a rollercoaster contest. Rosier’s big performance was propped up by Deejay Dallas in the run game and Jeff Thomas as his big play receiver. Dallas ran for 6.5 yards per carry and a touchdown while Rosier himself averaged 10 yards per run. Then there was Jeff Thomas who caught five passes and averaged 20 yards per catch with a touchdown reception as well.

Fake Jet, QB Power

With Rosier’s skill set being in that he’s a well built quarterback that has the ability to run the football- QB Power was a great call inside the 5 (what we call +5). Miami got a bit lazy in 2017 and rested on the Swing-Draw or just QB Draw which was used in this same field position situation earlier in the game for a Rosier touchdown. In 2018, it seems as though we’re seeing a little variation and that’s a good thing.

For the ‘Canes to run QB Power, they put Travis Homer in the slot with an 11 personnel (1 running back, 1 tight end) package on the field. Rosier sends Homer in motion and fakes the jet sweep to him. The goal there is to get the linebackers eyes on Homer while Rosier pulls the football and runs it himself inside.

During the game I thought it was inverted veer or power read, where the QB reads the play side defensive end. If the PSDE (play side defensive end) plays outside on the running back, the quarterback keeps the football. If the PSDE bites down on the QB, the quarterback gives to the back. However, Miami tight end Brevin Jordan blocks the defensive end and Rosier looks all keep.

One complaint on the play is what is Jahir Jones looking at? Power is an inside run play and his eyes are outside. He completely misses two active defenders in the “most dangerous man” rule and Rosier takes a bad hit because of Jones.

Jeff Thomas, playmaker

I can’t recall Miami having an offensive playmaker of Jeff Thomas’ abilities since Santana Moss during the 2000 season. Before that it was Randal “The Thrill” Hill. Thomas embodies the excitement and sure handedness of Moss and Hill.

If Rosier throws it up there Thomas is coming down with the football. The sophomore from St. Louis is averaging 27.6 yards per catch in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down having also ran the reverse for 18 yards.

Thomas, like Moss before him, is also deadly in the return game. Thomas has two punt returns for 90 yards and is averaging nearly 25 yards per kick off return. It will be interesting to see the play calling when Ahmmon Richards is finally healthy and Thomas, Richards and Cager are on the field at the same time with Dallas and Jordan.

The defense

Thankfully for Manny Diaz, the Toledo game plan wasn’t focused on picking apart the middle of the field until the end of the first half. Once Toledo figured out where Miami was weak in coverage, they can firing back closing the lead to 28-21 before going back to the futile idea to run inside at Gerald Willis III.

Here two defensive backs are in the same place with both playing over the top of the receiver as opposed to one playing the ball while the other secures the tackle. The Miami defenders collide and Toledo scores on a big touchdown pass. Miami brought six man pressure but Mitchell Guadagni stepped up and made a big time throw.

There was another strange red zone coverage bust I can’t find. On the call, one Hurricanes defensive back switched the coverage to where the inside safety would play the number 1 (outside receiver) while the cornerback wanted to switch to where he played the number 2. It made no sense and Toledo scored easily as Miami’s check picked themselves.


Miami played a good football game against Toledo but as the competition turns up in ACC play the ‘Canes will need to run block better, be able to hit on more than just deep fades, and need the defense to tackle more efficiently in order to survive another long season. The ‘Canes benefit from FSU, Georgia Tech, and UNC being on down years but Virginia Tech and Boston College look like thorns in the ‘Canes road to the ACC Coastal in 2018.

Time to turn our focus to the FIU Golden Panthers and everyone’s “what if” head coach in Butch Davis.