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Stats to love, and stats to hate, through 3 games for the Miami Hurricanes

What are the numbers saying about the Canes 1⁄4 of the way thru the 2018 season?

NCAA Football: Savannah State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So, we’re a quarter of the way through the 2018 football season. And, for the Miami Hurricanes, there are some numbers to love, and others to hate. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Numbers to Love

  • Tackles for loss - 35

This one is simple. Miami leads the country in TFLs.

  • Sacks - 9

Slightly off last year’s nation-leading pace of 3.4 sacks/game, Miami is still getting after QBs and getting them on the ground. I love it.

  • Opponent 3rd down conversions - 16.3%

Miami leads the country in this, too.

  • Jeff Thomas yards per catch - 27.64

Thomas leads the country in this, too.

  • Aggregate TD/INT ratio - 8 to 3

Between Malik Rosier and N’Kosi Perry, Miami has over a 2 to 1 TD/INT ratio. Gotta love that (and this ratio could tilt even further in Miami’s favor with more TD passes throughout the year)

  • Non-LSU game penalties - 1 penalty for 15 yards

1 penalty in 2 games is incredible. Gotta love that

  • Red zone efficiency - 15/16 with 14 TDs

Scoring, and scoring TOUCHDOWNS, in the red zone is essential for successful teams. Miami has been incredible in this regard so far in the 2018 season.

  • Rushing TDs - 11

Miami is tied for 6th nationally with 11 rushing TDs. That’s more than half the rushing TD output from 2017 (19) in just 3 games. This could be Miami’s best rushing TD year in quite some time if things hold to form (even with the number reducing as the quality of opponent increases).

  • 3rd down conversions: 46.5%

I know this isn’t the highest number in the world (34th nationally), but it’s SUBSTANTIAL improvement from the 28.8% conversion rate that ranked 126th out of 130 FBS teams last year (and 36.3% and 34.9% from the years before that). If Miami can keep this up, that would be pretty great, if you ask me.

Stats to Hate

  • Losses - 1

I hate losing. And LSU isn’t even good. Double whammy IMO. HATE IT.

  • Missed tackles - a lot

I don’t have a number on this, but the missed arm tackles have been a glaring issue so far this season. Gotta tighten up now before the schedule ramps up for ACC play.

  • Ahmmon Richards catches - 1

I know he’s battling an injury, but Richards is one of the most talented players in the country and a dynamic WR. His presence on the field helps make Miami’s offense one of the most dynamic in the country, and I miss watching a healthy 82 doing his thing. Hope he gets healthy and back on the field soon.

  • Yards per carry - 4.76

That’s an okay number (57th in America tied with Syracuse and Arkansas State), but good isn’t good enough. And Miami averaged 2.4 yards per carry through the first 6 quarters of the season, so the run game and OL issues still need refinement.

  • Completion percentage - 52.8%

And that’s buoyed by N’Kosi Perry hitting 64% of his passes (in limited action). If we’re looking at Malik Rosier individually, 51.4% completions simply isn’t good enough and needs to improve.

  • LSU game penalties - 11

That’s a TON of penalties, and played a major role in Miami getting blown out by an average team. Can’t have that in the future.

  • Turnovers created - 5

And none of those came in the LSU game. The Turnover Chain is a great thing, and a phenomenon with tanigble impact for the Canes. But that can only happen when the team gets turnovers. So, let’s get ‘em.

  • Kickoffs out of bounds - more than 0


Those are the numbers I love and hate so far for Miami. Which is the best/worst? Hop in the comments and let me know.

Go Canes