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Game Week: Emotional Rollercoaster

What goes through the mind of a Miami Hurricane fan the week leading up to a game?

NCAA Basketball: North Florida at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well, what an off season it has been. For those of you Canes fans who have made it to Dallas for the game, good on you, and we’re all thankful for you support. For others, like me, who will be watching the game from our couches and not in Jerry’s World (insert tears) lets cheer like we’re there.

This week has been an emotionally roller coaster for me, let me break it down how its been so far.

Monday (6 Days Till LSU):

GAME WEEK!! YUP!!!! Oh and look at that, the line is Miami -3.5, how could anyone doubt us? Ok sure, we may have lost our last three games last season, but who cares? We got the Turnover Chain, coach Richt, and we’re ranked eighth. Let me order some new 2018 gear from Canes Wear, new polo check, new sideline shirts check, and why not lets order some more decals for my car. GOTTA REPRESENT! Also, where’s the tailgate party at this week in Broward? Flanigan’s doing anything?

Wait, who’s Greedy Williams?

Tuesday (5 Days Away):

I can feel it, its getting closer. How can I better prepare for game-day? Ah yes, better change my ringtone to the Miami fight song, just so people know. Ok this Greedy Williams kid is pretty good, six interceptions as a freshman? Why didn't we sign him, doesn't he know we have the Turnover Chain? Anyways, Ahmmon Richards is going to tear him apart, he’s healthy, right? Right? Joe Burrow announced starter for LSU, pshhh, he wasn’t even good enough to start over J.T. Barrett. Not worried about him in the slightest.

Wednesday (4 Days Away):

Ok Greedy Williams is really good, just watched the same highlight film of him at least seven times. I woke up last night in a dead sweat thinking about Malik Rosier against Pitt. Joe Burrow looks ok, still, he wasn’t good enough to start for the Buckeyes. Some of the “experts” are picking LSU to win, am I worried? Yeah a little.

Thursday (3 Days Away):

Why am I having anxiety and I can't breathe at work? Also, where’s the gear that I ordered, because I'm not definitely not wearing my gear from last season. This is a must win, and if we don't win, the season is over. Are we over hyped? Am I about to be let down again? Remember when we lost to FSU in the season opener in 2006, yeah I was there, and it sucked. Greedy Williams is too good, and who’s Devin White? The dude looks like a transformer! Still, we got Travis Homer, dude is a beast, remember the run against Virginia Tech, let me pull it up for myself to calm me down.

Friday (2 Days Away):

I’ve started to talk to myself in my car about the Hurricanes, I sound like I'm calling into Joe Rose on Monday morning. My anxiety is dangerously high right now. I’m having flashbacks of the Al Golden era, we’re passed that, aren't we? Remember when we lost to Louisville, season opener in 2014? My new Canes gear came in the mail, I feel like Superman. I see tweets of Canes fans arriving in Dallas for the game, I should be there, they need me.

Saturday ( ONE DAY AWAY):

I wake up frightened and scared, and my dog wearing her Turnover Chain isn’t helping for some reason. I wore my brand new polo to sleep last night, felt a little more secure. My father reminded me of the last time we played LSU, 40-3 in the Peach Bowl.....his laughter results into awkward silence between the two of us. My nails have been chewed off, and we’re still more than 24 hours away from kickoff. Oh, N’Kosi Perry is suspended?

However, I just saw the photo of Michael Pinckney stepping off the plane in Dallas, dripping in swagger, and I feel so much better. I go to bed feeling much better. There’s a reason why we’re ranked eighth. LSU doesn’t stand a chance.

Have you seen Greedy Williams though?