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Power Ranking Turnover Chain Rip-offs

Spoiler: Some are good, most are bad

NCAA Football: Savannah State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When your program is known as the inventor of swagger in modern college football, maybe even modern sports, then yes, you will be imitated. And while they say intimation is the highest form of flattery, it doesn’t mean all imitations are created equal.

It’s no surprise then that when Miami debuted the Turnover Chain last season, programs began scrambling to find their own turnover prop. Most schools wanted a prop that would, on one hand, emulate the chain and pride behind it but also make it unique enough to be its own spectacle.

A plethora of programs have put their own spin, or not, on the turnover chain in 2018, some good and some not so good. This is where these new turnover whatevers stand so far this college football season. Keep in mind this list is for fun, so other teams’ fans, try not to get too riled up.

8. Oregon’s Turnover Chain

This is so wrong on so many levels, leaving it at the bottom of our list. It’s ugly, like their uniforms, and basic, like their program. It looks like something you would buy on Etsy. Hell, even the turnover chains that Canes’ fans make and proudly wear in the stands look higher rent than this trash. Sorry Ducks, try better next season.

7. Tulane’s Turnover Beads

Slightly better than Oregon’s mess but not by much. Keeping with the low-effort, low-production value theme, these beads wouldn’t look out of place in a dollar store. While Tulane did actually get a lot of turnovers last season, at almost two per game, their top interception-getter, Parry Nickerson, has moved on to the NFL.

6. FSU’s Turnover Backpack

There’s not much to say here. The Noles are trying to steal some Miami football swagger. Nothing new. The backpack looks pretty decent but still. It’s a backpack. Hopefully it’s carrying some wins inside it.

5. SMU’s Turnover Crown and Chalice

The royalty theme will pop up again but this isn’t a bad attempt at trying to do something different. A crown and chalice are cool but if you are going this route, you have to go all the way. That chalice has got to be way bigger and gaudier than that. As a rule, a sideline prop shouldn’t be something you can buy at Party City.

4. Louisville’s Muhammad Ali-Themed Turnover Belt

The Champ’s Turnover Belt is also paired with a pair of Turnover Gloves, making this prop more legit cool than the other ones. Much respect goes to The Greatest and to Louisville for representing their greatest son. Still though, the belt isn’t flashy enough to be ranked higher.

3. Memphis’ Ric Flair Turnover Robe

Alright SB Nation, take it easy.

Keeping with the theme of fighters and native sons, the Memphis Tigers are bringing in some swagger from one of its originators, Ric Flair. The fantastically eccentric robe looks straight out of Flair’s wardrobe, with zebra print sleeves adorned with blue feathers. This is one of the few fun and original Turnover Props that have debuted this season.

2. Texas A&M’s Turnover Cane

FSU gets stuck with the backpack while Jimbo brings the Pimp Cane to College Station. Equal parts hilarious and original, the players have taken to the Cane as quickly and enthusiastically as Miami did to the Chain. It’s simple, it’s the right amount of gaudy and it’s just plain fun.

1. Boise State’s Turnover Throne

My personal favorite. Forget a prop, something to hold, something to wear. This is a whole damn throne for the guy who changes the momentum of the game. It’s big, it’s painted like white gold and the defender who grabs the turnover gets to lounge in it. The back of the throne reads “King of Chaos,” summing it up quite nicely.

What’s your favorite knock-off Turnover prop? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!