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UNC at Miami Halftime Film Breakdown

Miami leads UNC 33-10 at the half

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Hurricanes lead the UNC Tar Heels 33-10 at halftime. The ‘Canes are protecting The Rock on a Thursday Miami Nights type of night. Here are a couple of plays on social media I could find to break down.

Perry to Langham

N’Kosi Perry hit Darrell Langham on an inside slant spacing route in the red zone. One play after a failed red zone fade Perry throws the perfect pass for a touchdown. The route looked covered but somehow Langham gets free and Perry hits the throw perfectly.

I told you guys the red zone fade doesn’t work

Playing the screen

You would think playing the screen would be easy but in reality it’s not. Playing the screen is more than just defensive instinct, it’s the feel and football IQ of the down, distance, and situation you’re in. Joe Jackson, who I’ve raved about in the past, feels the weak block which often spells screen pass or Miami’s offensive line in 2016 (I had to. I’m sorry, y’all).

The coaching point is once you feel the lack of block, and you think you have a screen behind you, you have to replace your steps as a defender. You trace back to where you started and the ball is usually thrown right into your chest. Think about Darren Krein versus Penn State in 1992 (GIF above).

Surratt breaks free

Miami struggled against some of the option looks and in tackling. Yet Chazz Surratt and the piss poor UNC quarterback play in the passing game shot them in the foot, thanks Larry Fedora. The Tar Heels quarterback of right now (Kelly Bryant?), Surratt, did have success on the ground in the first half. Miami defended this well play side as Surratt actually turns back and runs away from the play.

Miami’s linebackers did too much “turn and run” and not enough scrape to the ball and slow play. Linebackers need to stay square to the line of scrimmage and not turn their shoulders and run. It hurt Miami against a big UNC split zone play, too. Everyone loves an over-aggressive linebacker when it works out and hates them when they give up 50 yard touchdowns to an LSU tailback or are burned in pass coverage against teams like Pitt.


The ‘Canes have to score more than the other team, work hard, and succeed. But really Miami’s defense has to figure out how to rush the passers without compromising the middle of the field because while that hurts the pass coverage it also hurts their run game as evident on a couple of UNC’s big runs and against the LSU Tigers, too.

Miami’s offense is starting to click with Venzell Boulware replacing Jahir Jones and Perry over Rosier. The play calling has also improved where it’s not so obvious when it’s a run or passing down for Miami.