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Miami’s Defense Wreaks Havoc Against the Tarheels

The turnover chain was out and about on Thursday night as the Hurricane defense scored 3 times in its domination of North Carolina.

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Miami’s best unit showed the nation how talented and explosive they were by forcing 6 turnovers, while outscoring the Carolina offense.

Late in the 3rd quarter while the offense was stagnant, the ‘Cane defense still didn’t budge, and took another one to the house early in the 4th quarter.

Joe Jackson, Jonathan Garvin, and Romeo Finley all saw the endzone on Thursday night, capping off a blowout win in Miami’s ACC opener.

It was reminiscent of the Georgia Tech game in 2016, when the defense scoop-and-scored on 2 consecutive drives. This game was quite different however, as Miami was at home this time around, and the crowd was given much to cheer about throughout the contest.

This dominance that the defense displayed must be reassuring for us fans, as Florida State visits Hard Rock Stadium on October 6th.

Next week, the defense will have to be dominant once again, as we’ll surely get the best game that FSU has to offer. All of us know how important this rivalry game is, and all of Miami’s units should be up to the task.

For now, we can appreciate the performance, and gameplan that the defense showed. Despite struggling in the season opener, and against Toledo, the defense proved to us that it’s still the best unit that the Hurricanes have.