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Miami’s Offense Reaching its Full Potential with N’Kosi Perry

The Hurricane offense stayed productive following Thursday night’s blowout of North Carolina.

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With the skill players that the ‘Canes have, explosiveness and consistent scoring should never be an issue. However, while Malik Rosier led the team, scoring droughts and inefficiency were common issues. With N’Kosi Perry at the helm though, the offense has been rolling and operating consistently.

Not to harp too much on Malik - but under N’Kosi, the offense has been rejuvenated and plays with a newfound confidence.

Malik Rosier himself stated that the offense should be scoring 40 points a game. What he didn’t predict though, was that it couldn’t happen with him as starting quarterback.

Against North Carolina, Miami scored its most 1st half points since 2005, with 14 points coming from the defense. Aside from the defense’s contribution, Perry accurately delivered the football in the 1st half, completing 70% of his passes.

The 2nd half was a little sloppier though, as a missed block led to a fumble, and Perry forced a ball into double-coverage, resulting in an interception. A similar situation happened against FIU last week as well, as Perry didn’t look as sharp as his 1st half self.

The sluggish offense wasn’t just Perry’s fault of course, as the offensive line began to struggle; leading to unfavorable 3rd down situations. The turnovers gave North Carolina some hope, yet the defense remained stout throughout the 3rd quarter.

Mark Richt’s play call was definitely less aggressive in the 2nd half, as the ‘Canes found themselves up by 23 points at the end of the 3rd quarter. Perry still put on a convincing 1st half performance, and the offensive pressure was kept at a minimum throughout the remaining quarters.

Miami’s offense is growing at the right time though, and reaching their full potential would ensure a very successful season. Under Perry this seems attainable, as this version of the Canes’ offense is one of the best we’ve seen under Mark Richt.

October 6th will be a different story, as Florida State visits Hard Rock Stadium. It’ll be intense, loud, and possibly rattling for a new quarterback. Regardless, it’ll be N’Kosi Perry’s biggest test, and we can only hope that he’ll find success once again in his young career.