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The Reality Check of Sunday Night

It’s never easy moving forward after a loss, but here’s what has happened following the Canes’ loss against LSU

LSU v Miami Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

So...last night was pretty ugly. In a must win game to finally prove that The U is back, Miami failed to make a statement when it count by losing to LSU 33-17. Not only did the Hurricanes take a major L by the Tigers Sunday night at AT&T stadium, but it seems like there were a ton of weaknesses the entire team showed on offense, defense, and special teams. Weaknesses that other teams on a national scale to take advantage of once the Canes advance into their ACC schedule. Hopefully, some of these things can be fixed once The U take on Savannah State this Saturday, but you can’t shake off the fact that somethings’ have to change if the Canes want to at least be considered as a possible CFB Contender. After a long, depressing night for Miami fans, it seems like those changes may be soon coming.

Here are some new updates following the Canes’ disappointing season opener.

N’Kosi Perry and Cade Weldon May Get Playtime

At one point during Sunday’s game, you would almost think that Mark Richt would have put backup Cade Weldon into the game when Malik Rosier was struggling to gain yardage against LSU’s stingy defense. The Canes made a small comeback in the fourth quarter with Rosier as the QB but it was way too late to fix the mistakes him and the offense made in the first three quarters. According to the Miami Herald, Richt explained that he didn’t feel that Weldon was ready to play against the Tigers. However, The Canes’ home opener against Savannah State will be a great opportunity to give the younger boys some work.

Still, Malik Rosier will be the starting QB when Savannah State comes to Coral Gables Saturday.

Malek Young Talks About Life After Injury

In 2017, Malek Young was one of the reasons why Miami’s defense was lethal, the Canes ranked nationally with a winning season, and why the Turnover chain grew to become one of the most popular recent additions to college football tradition. Unfortunately, these dreams were soon cut short due to a devastating neck injury that ended his season and career as a whole.

Over the weekend, ESPN released a personal piece by the former Miami defensive back that covered his life before and after his life-changing injury. It’s a beautiful statement that bared his soul - revealing the obstacles Young faced in the healing process as well as coping with life after his prematurely ended career. Most importantly, Malek leaves off with an important message about moving forward even when the chips are down - something that the Hurricanes may need to know this year if they want to salvage their season.

The Clowning On Twitter Was Real

While the Hurricanes were losing to LSU Sunday night, nothing could be worst than what the Internet had for the Canes via social media.

It doesn’t make things better when Malik Rosier was recorded stating that one of his Tight Ends were “too fast”

Fortunately, LSU’s head coach Ed Orgeron was able to get roasted a bit even with a W. Here’s a clip of him being covered by the cookie monster. So, at least we get to laugh a little bit. Right?