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Miami Plummets to 22nd in AP Poll

The AP was not impressed with the Canes’ debut, dropping them 14 spots

LSU v Miami Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes wanted more spotlight, more hype and higher expectations heading into 2018.They got it, ranked inside the top ten for the first time in over a decade, all the way up at no. 8. Some felt it was too low. After just one week, Miami is down 14 spots to no. 22.

Miami and their opponent, LSU, practically flipped flop spots from last week to this one. Miami went from 8 to 22 while LSU shot up to 11 from 25. It seemed fitting considering the way the Canes were pummeled by the Tigers for the majority of the game.

Over their next three games, Miami should have a good opportunity to move up the rankings a few places. Next week should be an easy win over Savannah State, a team that even Al Golden’s Canes dominated. Then comes Toledo on the road, a game where Miami should be favored by ten points or more but with this team, it could be closer. Finally, Miami ends non-conference play with FIU at home. Coming into their first ACC game, at home against UNC, Miami should be back in the teens and 3-1.

If there is any good news, it’s that FSU looked as dismal as Miami on opening night and dropped out of the rankings altogether. At home, FSU was crushed by Miami’s biggest competition in the Coastal, Virginia Tech. But while FSU entered the game with a new head coach and no national title expectations, Miami’s fall from grace was much larger.

Miami can start putting themselves back on the road to a decent ranking with a win over Savannah State and continuing to build from there. Right now though, the thing to look forward to is this team regrouping and getting better, not how high the AP votes them.

Even after that loss…