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How should playing time be distributed among QBs against Savannah State?

So far, none of the current backups have seen the field in a game.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Wisconsin vs Miami
QB Malik Rosier warms up prior to the Orange Bowl game against Wisconsin. Many fans are frustrated with Rosier’s inconsistency.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With a completion percentage below .500 in the final three games of the 2017 season— all loses— a faction of the fanbase was looking for a new starting quarterback.

If the end of last campaign saw blood pressure rise among fans, Rosier’s outing against LSU caused that blood to boil.

The Mobile native went 15-35 while throwing a TD and 2 INT, good for a paltry 12.8 QBR.

Fans we’re not forgiving toward the 22-year-old either.

With the idea of a new starting QB now a mainstream opinion among UM fans, will Canes fans be satisfied on Saturday?

Fans may not love this quote, but those looking for a change may start to see a real push by the backups unfolding soon.

While Rosier still got the majority of these reps, the fact that two of the underclassman are making moves should be encouraging for everyone— after all, even if Rosier is the starter moving forward, it’s vital for the bench to keep developing.

So what can fans expect this Saturday?

In a perfect world, fans could see all QBs with the rest of the offensive first team to get a sense of where each signal caller stands. More realistically, each passer could get 1 quarter of playing time, starting with Rosier and continuing with Perry, Weldon and finally Jarren Williams.

The new redshirt rule allows any player to receive game reps in four separate games without losing the year in eligibility.

Because of this, Williams has an advantage that Weldon and Perry missed out on. Evan Sheriffs was the only backup to see the field in 2017, but all four are likely to see action at some point in 2018.

While Richt has been seen by fans as stubborn regarding the QB situation, I do think Savannah State will bring the opportunity fans have been waiting for, and at least three quarterbacks will play on Saturday.

Hopefully all the underclassman can get as much game experience as possible.