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Uncle Luke’s Not Feeling The Hurricanes After LSU Loss

Unc is coming for Mark Richt and the coaching staff’s neck

BET Hip Hop Awards 2017 - Show Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for BET

There’s a lot of people that you could piss off in Canes nation, but the last person should be Luther Campbell - famously known as the legendary rapper Uncle Luke of the 2 Live Crew. For decades, this Miami resident has been the lifeline of Miami through both realms of entertainment and sports. Not only has he stood on the sidelines of the greatest Hurricane teams in the 80s right down to the fact that he was associated with multiple violations that were investigated by the NCAA, but Luke’s flash of Canes paraphernalia helped push the team to cultural dominance in the 80s that continues to resonate either through him or other rappers that support the team. However, when you have an embarrassing loss like the one against LSU Sunday night, there’s obviously a ton of backlash that you’ll get from Hurricanes fans (hell even from our Twitter account). But, you know there’s a real problem when Uncle Luke sits down, breaks a laptop out, and actually write his frustrations in a lengthy piece for the Miami New Times.

In his opinionated article, Luke called out Mark Richt’s coaching - specifically the way he managed his quarterback Malik Rosier in Sunday night’s game. He also mentioned how Richt benched receiver Ahmmon Richards after the Senior called out Rosier during halftime and even fired shots at Manny Diaz and his adjustments at defense. According to “Unc,” there’s several players that want Freshman QB N’Kosi Perry to get some snaps. Unfortunately, if not done properly, such a decision to bench Rosier could definitely put Richt into a worst situation.

“Changing quarterbacks would essentially put Richt on the clock, and the honeymoon would be officially over.” Campbell writes, “With a new quarterback, the blame would fall squarely on Richt, because if he’s calling the same plays and the offense continues to struggle, it will show his inability to call plays.”

Now granted, Malik Rosier is not the only problem on that team because that O-line is %100 pure garbage. However, after a performance like that, you could see why Luke would be mad about Rosier being put in. Dude threw two interceptions and couldn’t even bounce back immediately when the Canes were scored on in the first quarter. If the Canes want to have a shot at at National Championship (which they still do), Richt and the Canes coaching staff is going to have to make the proper changes.

This means possibly listening to Uncle Luke, because he’s been around the Canes during their highs as much as their lows.