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Miami Hurricanes News And Notes: Young QBs, An Unfair Rule and more

Miami needs to look like a team against a Savannah State squad they should beat regardless

LSU v Miami Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Miami will beat Savannah State today. But their performance, on all three sides of the ball, will go a long way to setting realistic expectations for the 2018 team following the LSU game. Is this a team that is going to execute better and win by a few dozen? Or are they going to get in their own way and win ugly? We will find out.

New QBs, Yes Please

The Miami Herald focused on the fanbases’ ire at starting quarterback Malik Rosier and, despite the clear need for some changes to be made at the position, nothing Mark Richt has said seems to lead anyone to believe that change is coming. CMR was also non-committal on how many QBs would play against the Tigers but for the sake of the offense, hopefully one of them makes some real noise.

Injury Update

NBC Miami affiliate is reporting that the Canes will be without two big starters this week. Ahmmon Richards and Demetrius Jackson are again on the injury report. Hopefully they can shake the injury bug and be ready in time for when the games really start to matter.

Some Quotes from Manny Diaz

In his post-practice presser, Diaz made a couple of things known. He believed that the targeting penalty that disqualified Trajan Bandy in the first quarter was BS. “Trajan, coming up on that tackle, had his eyes up, threw his outside arm getting ready to wrap up on the guy. That’s football,” Diaz said. “Now, if that’s going to be a penalty, that’s fine. That should be a 15-yard penalty. That should not be a disqualification.”

Diaz also threw some shots at his starters on defensive, saying he wanted to “reduce the level of entitlement” and that they needed “a good old competition.” While it is true that some players simply didn’t play up to the standard that was needed, Diaz won’t curry favor with his defense by not taking some of the blame. His play-calling was awful on Sunday and will need to get better, just like the mental mistakes his players made will need to improve.

That’s all for this Saturday–