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The Perfect Playlist to Prep You For This Canes Blowout Win

A bass-heavy list of songs to play while SSU takes this L

Duke v Miami

As Miami enters its second week after such a losing to LSU Sunday night, it’s pretty obvious that this next game against Savannah State is going to be a tune-up game for the Hurricanes. There’s a good chance that we’ll be finally seeing the turnover chain in all of its glory and the true talent of The U to truly shine. That means this game could be watched in less than 30 minutes unless you’re at the game seeing this (possible) blowout happen and decide to leave a bit early because the score is outstandingly high.

The idea of these kind of games are pretty blatant but it sucks to see the talent so outmatched, and sometimes the topics of tune-up games could be debated. But f*ck it, I’ll probably be dancing when I see that chain out, excited to see what adjustments will be made to develop the Hurricanes. Anywho, here’s an editorial playlist (with commentary) that will prepare you for this blowout. These are only a few songs that I’m preparing with, but they all have significance on both the game and the situation at hand.

Taylor Swift - Shake it Off

Pardon the softer start this playlist, but there’s an elephant in the room at The U. We definitely took an L last week, and there’s still some criticism about what happened against LSU. Fortunately, this week seems like its going to be a good week to bounce back, so shake the stress off and let’s get to it. Instead of possibly getting sued by Taylor Swift for dropping her video on this site, here’s The Rock singing the song in an SUV in the show Ballers.

You’re good? We’re good Ok.

Rick Ross - Hustlin’

Now that we’ve shaken all of last week off. It’s time to get back to business. This game may be an easy win (possibly), but it’s still a game and a lose can really look bad for the Hurricanes. We’re already ranked 22nd nationally, can’t do anything worst than lose to a really bad team like Savannah State. Unfortunately, upsets like this does happen, which is why the Hurricanes have to hustle. Especially the quarterback, because someone has to put Malik Rosier in a challenge for the starter job. Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard” is also a fair competitor in this playlist, but The U has to look for its inner soul if they want to make a run to a National Championship with one loss already and this song truly show’s how much this team has to hustle to bounce back.

Smokepurpp - Nephew

Something more for the younger generation of players. While Miami is notorious for attracting recruits from around local communities, these same environments have also been a breeding ground for musical artists around the area to prosper. There’s a ton of these guys coming out making music on the internet, from XXXTentacion to Stitches. However, in case of watching this (likely) blowout happen, there still have to be something to get you hyped. Also, this week is a “new” week, fresh from the past and filled with new hard hitting, touchdown-scoring beginnings. So, this new Smokepurrp track doesn’t only have a hard-hitting beat, but features fellow Florida rapper Lil Pump for a very energetic song with intense visuals. You can’t tell me none of those know about Lil Pump, dude doing stuff with Kanye now.

Denzel Curry - Sumo

Last year, this Miami rapper raised a few eyebrows when he rocked Hurricanes paraphernalia during his XXL Freestyle, and continues to represent his city with his albums like TA1300. However, this song seems to be not only a song to hype you up for this (possible) a**whooping, but I’m definitely hoping the offensive line could bare as much energy as Denzel in this song. Whoever’s the quarterback today needs some sumo wrestlers to protect him from Savannah State’s rush. I know that’s a terrible pun, but you’ve seen that game Sunday.

Trick Daddy - Take It To The House

Shout out to Evan Hadrick for making this shout out last week, but the Canes are definitely taking it to the house this week against SSU. I don’t even have to explain much about why this song is on this editorial playlist. Trick Daddy is a beloved 305 rapper and fan of the Hurricanes, this song literally is another term for scoring touchdowns, and someone’s going to play this song at Hard Rock Stadium when Miami player scores. So yeah, get used it.

Kodak Black - Patty Cake

As Miami (possibly) continues to run up the score and let younger players get some playtime, the game might get a bit boring and you may want leave. What better way to leave out on a happier note. The Final Fantasy X sample in “Patty Cake” creates a joyful vibe while baring a heavy 808 to give the song some kick. All of a sudden, you hear Kodak’s raw voice over the instrumental, talking about him sipping on Bel-Aire champagne as well as his girl being from the actually neighborhood in California. It’s a great way of ending a gameday knowing that not only are the Canes (pretty much) going to win against Savannah State, but some players actually get to show what they’re worth. Brian Hightower may score some more touchdowns, N’Kosi Perry might play, and the turnover chain is on the loose. It’ll ending such a good day of trouncing a terrible division 1-AA team in the MEAC.

Everyone’s so happy, that’s definitely us when we get this dub.

What songs are you prepping up with for tomorrow? Are you even watching the game? Leave a comment below and let us know.