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Film Review: Savannah State 0 - Miami 77

Hurricanes beat up on future D2 Tigers

Savannah State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes took their time in the first quarter but eventually hit the start button and blew the Savannah State Tigers out 77-0. Of course, N’Kosi Perry finally was allowed to show us his talents while Jarren Williams and Cade Weldon split five throws.

If the ‘Canes didn’t destroy the Tigers it would be worth noting, but not an ACC team beating up on a soon-to-be-D2. There isn’t a ton of film we can take from this game, except that Manny felt the need to blitz a bad offense and that the first quarter of Miami offense was terrible.

What we can take is the pros and cons of the top two quarterbacks. The opening quarter was pitiful both in run blocking and as far as Rosier’s reads and decision making go. Savannah State is terrible and had been blown out by the UAB Blazers the week before. Had SSU not played a game in week one I could understand a slow Miami start but SSU didn’t have the luxury of preparing for Miami all summer with UAB ahead on the schedule.

Malik Rosier

Rosier had an average game finishing eight-for-twelve passing with two touchdowns and 10.9 yards per attempt. That’s an average game against one of the worst FCS programs in the nation. My issue with Rosier is that on this throw 1) he had protection and 2) chose to stare down Jeff Thomas rather than work on his eye discipline. Rosier doesn’t do a lot of looking safeties off and it shows here. He does lead the receiver and place the ball better than usual but by not looking off the safety I would call that a minus.

Thomas is going to be a rare talent in Coral Gables and it’s nice to have him for 2018 and 2019 as you hope the quarterback play improves over time.

N’Kosi Perry

Obviously ‘Canes fans have a lot less film on Perry than Rosier. However, unless his name becomes Perrier at least we’re sure of how to address him. Perry goes through his progressions here on an under center play-action rollout. Watch his head move, he goes from the flat route to the corner and doesn’t have to look to the drag with the corner route open. Perry threw three touchdowns but only averaged 6.6 yards per attempt while throwing an interception.

His opening few throws were atrocious but he bounced back well and threw three touchdown passes and even looked calm while taking command. I like what Perry brings to the table with his arm and stature but I wouldn’t expect him to run a ton until he bulks up.

Cade Weldon and Jarren Williams

Weldon and Williams played late in mop up duty finishing two-for-five passing for 31 yards while Williams did sneak in on a touchdown run. Williams will probably redshirt while playing sparingly in four ball games under the new rules.


It’s too hard to evaluate young quarterbacks on two or three throws. Neither Williams nor Weldon have played in a real college game until now and it’s unfair to judge unless they go full Ray Lucas (reference for you Dolphins fans) and can’t take a snap. Miami has its hands full with Rosier being painfully average while Perry seemed too immature to avoid suspension and started cold.

Toledo needs to be a game where Perry gets reps in the first quarter, regardless of score. It’s a noon start on the road and will be a great experience to get a young passer like Perry early reps. I just don’t believe Mark Richt will pull the trigger and allow any question as to whether the ‘Canes quarterback is Rosier or not.

Miami faces Toledo on the road with a noon kickoff on Saturday, September 15th. Hopefully it won’t be as much of a struggle in 2018 as it was in 2017.